Australian Social Policy Journal no. 10

1 Sep 2011 - 10:00

Australian Social Policy Journal no. 10 contains diverse research into social policy issues including psychological distress in mothers, social inclusion of young people, attitudes to homelessness in Australia, links between cannabis use and mental health, and the effects of stigma associated with concession cards.

Articles in the journal:

  • Young Australians and social inclusion
    Chris Ryan and Anastasia Sartbayeva
  • Which event matters: exploring the relationship between life events, socioeconomic status and psychological distress in mothers of infants
    Annemarie Nicol
  • Perceptions and experiences of cannabis use by young adults living with a mental illness: a qualitative study
    Pam Stavropoulos, Sharyn McGee and Meg Smith
  • Attitudes to homelessness in Australia
    Deb Batterham, Andrew Hollows and Violet Kolar
  • Further disadvantage: the effect of stigma in discouraging use of concession cards
    David Baker

Australian Social Policy Journal no. 10 is now available.

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