Overview of Footprints in Time - The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC)


Footprints in Time: The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (LSIC) is a study of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in selected locations across Australia.

LSIC aims to improve understanding of issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, their families and communities. It also aims to improve the policy response to these issues.

The study provides quantitative and qualitative data that can be used to provide a better insight into how a child’s early years affect their development. It is hoped that this information can be drawn upon to help close the gap in life circumstances between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. The study collects information about parenting, family relationships, childhood education, child and parent health, as well as culture and community. By tracking children over time, the study will be able to determine the factors that help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in Australia to have the best start in life and grow up strong.

Footprints in Time (LSIC) fact sheet

Study participants

The study started in 2008, with two groups of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children aged 0 to 18 months and 3½ to 5 years. In Wave 1, over 1,680 families were interviewed for the study. Interviews are carried out annually, with more than 1,200 parents and children followed up in each subsequent wave.

Information regarding sample sizes and response rates for each of the Centre studies is available.


The study is conducted by the Department of Social Services under the guidance of the Footprints in Time Steering Committee, chaired by Professor Mick Dodson AM.

Information regarding the governance of each of the Centre studies is available.

LSIC data access

LSIC data is available to approved researchers from government, academic institutions and non-profit organisations. For more details, please refer to Access to DSS Longitudinal Datasets.

LSIC research

Information about research and publications using LSIC data is available from FloSse Research and Centre research and publications.


For further information contact NCLD@dss.gov.au.

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