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Our mission

To promote a longitudinal evidence base that informs policies and practices to improve the lifetime wellbeing of people and families in Australia.

To achieve our mission the NCLD will:

  • develop a national framework (or architecture) for government investment in longitudinal data
  • produce and manage quality longitudinal data sets and encourage their use
  • foster collaboration between longitudinal survey developers, researchers and policy makers
  • facilitate broader use of longitudinal data

About longitudinal data

Longitudinal data is data collected from the same individuals or households at several points in time. The data allows differences in the participants to be tracked over time.

The Guide to Australian longitudinal studies explains the unique strengths and opportunities of longitudinal data, summarises the features of some of Australia’s major longitudinal studies and provides links to further resources to help in understanding and using the data. The Studies across the life course document provides information on key Australian longitudinal surveys.

The Centre's studies

The NCLD brings together longitudinal surveys managed within the Department of Social Services.

The four active longitudinal surveys managed in the NCLD are:

These studies each follow their own cohort of people through various stages of their lives, charting social change and exploring the reasons behind it.

Access to DSS longitudinal datasets

Information regarding access to the data sets of the Centre studies is available at Access to DSS Longitudinal Datasets.

Please note that the NCLD is currently reviewing access arrangements for its four study datasets. This includes assessing the feasibility of removing or reducing the current data access fees. Any changes to data access fees resulting from the review would be expected to take effect before the end of 2016.

Currently the existing data access fees and data access arrangements remain in place. If your application will incur a cost (i.e. all applications for Individual Deed of Licence) and you do not need urgent access to these datasets you may wish to delay your access request until the review has been finalised.

Centre research and publications

The Policy Evidence Branch is involved in a wide variety of research projects involving the analysis of longitudinal data and the development of longitudinal research methodology.

The Centre research and publications page details recent research, including Research Summaries, Data Highlights, Technical Reports, Annual Statistical Reports and Study Annual Reports.

News and events

Current information on the Centre is available in the NCLD eNewsletters.

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