Bereavement payment

Purpose of Payment

To assist with settling financial affairs associated with expenses incurred by the deceased prior to death.


Bereavement payments are available to couples, single people, parents and carers, who were receiving an eligible social security payment at the time of the death.

Specifically, bereavement payments are available to:

  • Pensioners
    • Where a single pensioner dies, or a pensioner whose surviving partner is not reliant on income support, the deceased’s estate receives a bereavement payment in the form of one additional pension payment after the date of death.
    • Where a member of a pensioner couple dies, the survivor continues to receive the couple combined rate of payment for up to 14 weeks after death.
    • Where loss of the survivor's entitlement occurs as a result of a death (eg. Wife Pension or Carer Payment) they remain qualified for the pension for up to 14 weeks after the death.
  • Long‑term Benefit recipients
    • Bereavement payments are available to people who have been in receipt of a social security benefit for a minimum of 12 months prior to the death.


Bereavement payment is a continuation of the payment that was being received prior to the death. It continues to be paid at generally the same rate it was being paid prior to death, and for a maximum period of 14 weeks.

Further information

For further information about Bereavement Payment please contact Centrelink on 13 2300 or visit the Bereavement Payment section of the Human Services website.

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