Accommodation Choices for Older Australians and their Families

5 September 2012

This revised publication, Accommodation choices for older Australians and their families: what older Australians and their families need to know, provides older Australians and their families with practical advice and options relating to a large range of issues concerning accommodation choices.

The publication contains practical information about the many accommodation options available at and beyond retirement, and information on finances and how living arrangements may impact on pension payments. It also provides practical advice on selling the family home whilst on the pension, as well as the implications of renovating, moving in with family or having to live apart from a spouse.

The guide also includes help for families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, as well as help for Indigenous Australians.

Please note: This online version of the document contains more up-to-date information than the printed document, which was published in September 2010. Minor edits have been made to information regarding Accommodation Bonds, which can be found on pages 82-85 of the printed version.

Copies are available by calling DSS on 1800 050 009 or visiting the Department’s website.


Content Updated: 13 March 2014