Remote Hearing and Vision Services for Children (Completed)

  • How much?

    $4.1 million over three years to 2013-14 
  • Apply when?

    from 22/02/2012  to 13/03/2012 
  • Who to contact?

      Ph:   Email 
Short Description: Remote services for children with hearing/vision impairment. 

Taking advantage of the increased reach and capacity of the National Broadband Network (NBN) and video-conferencing technology, the initiative will provide access to information, guidance, support and skills development from qualified allied health professionals.  It will assist children in outer regional and remote Australia.

Expected outcomes will include:

  • more effective and accessible early intervention services
  • increased knowledge, skills and confidence for carers of children with a sensory disability
  • enhanced health, developmental and educational outcomes, and
  • the combining of technologies, including the NBN, to produce a replicable and effective remote service delivery model.


Content Updated: 27 September 2013