Projects funded in Round 1 of Respectful Relationships Program

State / Territory Organisation Program Details
Australian Capital Territory The Royal Women’s Hospital – Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA)

The Royal Women’s Hospital - Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA) and the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre, is implementing CASA’s Sexual Assault Prevention Program for Secondary Schools in three secondary schools in the Australian Capital Territory. A partnership with the Canberra Rape Crisis Centre has been established to provide post exit support.

The program involves:

  • ­ professional development for school staff;
  • ­ train the trainer;
  • ­ a peer educator programs; and
  • ­ a theatre production.
New South Wales University of Western Sydney

The University of Western Sydney is implementing Sex and Ethics with diverse groups of young people, including those in university and TAFE settings.

The groups are based in city and rural areas.

The program is based on international best practice principles in violence primary prevention education.

The program will:

  • ­ increase the capacity of young people to negotiate respectful relationships; and
  • ­ increase their capacity to understand and prevent sexual assault.
Queensland University of New South Wales The University of New South Wales is working with the National Rugby League (NRL) Queensland to implement the University of Western Sydney’s Sex and Ethics program with National Rugby League elite youth.
Northern Territory The Northern Territory Department of Education and Training The Northern Territory Government is providing teacher training in South Australian child protection curriculum materials in 40 Northern Territory Schools (5 urban and up to 35 remote).
Western Australia SHine South Australia SHine SA is engaged to undertake a consultation process regarding Respectful Relationships education requirements for remote area schools in the Kimberley region of Western Australia (WA).
South Australia South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services The South Australian Department of Education and Children’s Services has partnered with the Commonwealth Government to evaluate their Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum. The program is delivered in all South Australian state schools, including Pre-school to year 12.
Victoria and Tasmania Latrobe University

The Latrobe University is trialling and evaluating a Respectful Relationships program for people with an intellectual disability and other cognitive disabilities – Living Safer Sexual Lives (LSSL): Respectful Relationships.

The program will also increase knowledge about primary prevention of violence against women with disabilities.


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