Multicultural Access and Equity

Australia's Multicultural Access and Equity Policy: Respecting diversity. Improving responsiveness acknowledges that we live in a multicultural society and there is an obligation on Australian Government departments and agencies to provide equitable access to services regardless of the cultural or linguistic background of clients.

The Policy consists of six dimensions - Leadership, Engagement, Performance, Capability, Responsiveness and Openness - with minimum obligations attached to each. It covers all engagement and communication of government departments and agencies with multicultural communities, not just direct service delivery.

The Policy also enables reporting to be more transparent and departments and agencies to be more accountable by requiring them to develop and implement two-yearly Agency Multicultural Plans.

Resources to assist departments and agencies in understanding and meeting their Multicultural Access and Equity Policy obligations include a Multicultural Access and Equity Policy Toolkit and the Multicultural Language Services Guidelines for Australian Government Agencies.


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