Alligator Rivers Stage II Land Claim

This report presents the findings and recommendations of the Aboriginal Land Commissioner following an inquiry into the Alligator Rivers Stage II Land Claim (Application No. 19), a traditional land claim application submitted by the Northern Land Council under section 50(1)(a) of the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act 1976 on 27 July 1978.

The report was provided to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and the Administrator of the Northern Territory on 2 July 1981.

The land subject to claim was described in the application as three separate areas within the general Alligator Rivers region, comprising vacant Crown land known as 'Stage II' of the proposed Kakadu National Park, vacant Crown land known as the 'Gimbat Resumption' and vacant Crown land known as 'Waterfall Creek Reserve'.

For the purpose of the inquiry, the Aboriginal Land Commissioner described the land subject to claim as that part of the land claimed before the Ranger Inquiry west of the South Alligator River, the unalienated Crown land formerly the subject of the Mudginberri and Munmarlary pastoral leases, a resumed section of the Gimbat pastoral lease and Waterfall Creek Reserve.

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