Indigenous Economic Development Strategy 2011-2018

The Australian Government released its Indigenous Economic Development Strategy 2011–2018 on 19 October 2011. The Strategy is an Australian Government policy framework that aims to support the increased personal and economic wellbeing of Indigenous Australians through greater participation in the economy. It focuses on five priorities to improve the prosperity of Indigenous Australians:

  • strengthen foundations to create an environment that supports economic development
  • invest in education
  • encourage participation and improve access to skills development and jobs
  • support the growth of Indigenous business and entrepreneurship, and
  • assist individuals and communities to achieve financial security and independence by increasing their ability to identify, build and make the most of economic assets.

Each priority contains a set of objectives that will guide Australian Government decision making, policy and program development through to 2018.

The Strategy details a number of actions to 2013. These actions will be updated every three years to ensure that the Government continues to respond to new opportunities and challenges

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