Closing the Gap - Northern Territory - Policing

Department of the Treasury; Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Key Elements

The Australian Government will provide $156.6 million over three years to continue remote policing and substance abuse initiatives implemented as part of the Northern Territory Emergency Response. Funding will be provided to maintain the increased police presence and replace five temporary police facilities with permanent stations.  Funding will also be provided for alcohol management plans, signage, licensing inspectors and other activities to reduce substance abuse.


Increased policing is a critical element to making communities safer, particularly for women and children.  This measure represents a continuation of funding for promoting law and order activities and will help to ensure the protection of Indigenous children as part of the Australian Government’s response to the “Little Children are Sacred” Report.  It is a key element of Closing the Gap in the Northern Territory.


This measure will commence on 1 July 2009.  The majority of the funding will be provided to the Northern Territory Government through a National Partnership Agreement between the Northern Territory Governmentrand the Commonwealth.

Total Government Funding

$156.6m over three years (1 July 2009 to 30 June 2012):

  • $39.3m in 2009-10;
  • $58.7m in 2010-11; and
  • $58.5m in 2011-12.

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