A National Analysis of Strategies Used to Respond to Indigenous Itinerants and Public Place Dwellers - 2003

This research monograph provides a national overview of local strategies being used to address the needs and problems of homeless and itinerant Indigenous Australians who are living in public places.

'Ensuring and developing pathways out of homelessness is unfortunately not simple, as history has demonstrated it is actually much easier to create homelessness. Pathways out of homelessness inevitably require a continuum of responses and opportunities for individuals and families to access, in order to move onto that pathway. Some people may not be ready to take that pathway then either fall off it or decide to jump off it. However, many individuals and families will successfully move out of homelessness if access is available in a continuum of responses. These include adequate length of support, opportunity to try again and access to appropriate housing options.' (Durkay et al 2001:14.)

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