Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island Regional Partnership Agreement - Progress Evaluation

Aim of the publication

The evaluation report presents findings of the first comprehensive evaluation of a Regional Partnership Agreement (RPA), and as such provides advice to government on lessons learned from the partnership approach and assists in identifying best practice and relevance of the RPA model for application more generally. The RPA is currently in the second stage of its operations.

Target audience

The evaluation was completed in May 2012 and used a participatory approach to evaluate the RPA with its stakeholders; the Anindilyakwa Land Council, the Australian Government, the Northern Territory Government, the East Arnhem Shire Council and the Groote Eylandt Mining Company.  These stakeholders own the RPA and will work together to improve conditions for Indigenous people living in the Anindilyakwa region and progress the agreements into the future.

Closing the Gap in the Northern Territory is one of a number of national partnership agreements signed under COAG in 2009, and the Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island RPA operates within this complex and dynamic policy, governance and administrative environment.  The RPA also sits within the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Service Delivery (NPARSD) Australian Government departments and Indigenous and non –Indigenous organisations would benefit from the advice provided and the lessons learned in the report.

Content of the publication

The report outlines how the evaluation:

  • measured progress of implementing commitments made under the RPA;
  • reviewed the effectiveness (or otherwise) of the RPA design and partnership arrangements;
  • suggested ways the RPA could be further strengthened; and
  • identified best practice and relevance of the RPA model for application more generally.

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