Evaluation of the ‘Communities In Crisis' Policy - 2007

Aim of the publication

The report provides in-depth discussion and analysis on the design and implementation elements of the Community in Crisis (CIC) policy, which was announced as a strategy for whole of government intervention. It provides intensive analysis in addressing crisis in the four nominated case study communities of; Balgo(WA), Beagle Bay (WA), Kalumburu (WA) and Yalata (SA).

Target audience

The report was prepared by government for government in relation to community – requiring Commonwealth and State Governments to work together, and with community, to address a number of objectives, while recognising the responsibilities of each level of government. The recommended alternative policy approach and framework can be applied synonymously across private sector organisations.

Content of the publication

Findings on policy design were drawn from research, discussion and analysis:

  • How well the issue of crisis in Indigenous communities was first identified for policy attention,
  • How well the issue of crisis, once identified, was understood, and
  • How well the choice of policy response was made;

and applied to the specific objectives of the CIC policy, which were identified, dependent on the need within each community, as the following:

  • Stabilising communities (e.g. family violence, substance abuse, corruption);
  • Re-establishing basic services;
  • Developing local plans of action;
  • Building governance, capacity and leadership;
  • Helping communities engage with government; and
  • Improving service delivery.

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