Evaluation of the AFL Remote Regional Development program - Wadeye 2012

Aim of the publication

This report presents key findings of a participatory action research evaluation of the AFL Remote Regional Development Program in Wadeye, conducted in February 2012. It examines the effectiveness of the program and makes an assessment of its potential to be considered a best practice model. The evaluation was complimented by the production of a culturally appropriate DVD. The ‘elite’ football team called ‘Wadeye Magic’, comprises the best of the Wadeye senior players who compete in the Northern Territory Football League (NTFL) competition.

Target audience

The findings of the research were presented to the Wadeye Football Club Committee, community members and other interested service providers/key stakeholders ie local service providers, employment organisations, Health Clinics, the Police and schools in other communities.  Other Indigenous communities, organisations and government departments would benefit from the best practices principles outlined in this report.

Content of the publication

A success of this program has been the formation of the AFL Program five years ago in response to an escalation in anti-social behaviour and gang violence. Participation rules include; being in school, employment or training and staying out of trouble and having an annual health check. The Club is also in regular contact with the ex-Aboriginal Community Police Liaison Officer who keeps the committee informed of any players who are getting into trouble. 

The Wadeye Magic DVD provides a visual account of the love of Australian Rules Football which has existed for decades.  Now differences will need to be put aside as the men from 20 different clans and family groups, which constitute the Thamarrurr Region, choose to form the united Wadeye Magic team.

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