Synopsis Review of the COAG Trials

Aim of the publication

The Synopsis reviews various drivers for change extracted from the formative evaluations conducted between July 2005 and June 2006, for each of the eight Council of Australian Government’s (COAG) sites. Qualitative conclusions in the synopsis explored new ways for governments to work together, and with communities, to address the needs of Indigenous Australians by asking; what works well, what are the challenges, the lessons learned, and in particular best practice ‘place-based’ interventions.

Target audience

The review will assist the Australian Government by improving the way governments interact with each other and with Indigenous communities in a whole of government environment. COAG envisaged the lessons learned would be applied more broadly in Indigenous affairs to achieve better outcomes over the longer-term.

Content of the publication

The findings will assist in;

  • tailoring government action to identified community needs and aspirations and help coordinate  government  programmes  and  services  where  this  will  improve service delivery outcomes;
  • encourage innovative approaches traversing new territory;
  • work with Indigenous communities to build the capacity of people in those communities to negotiate as genuine partners with government, including
  • build the capacity of government employees to be able to meet the challenges of working in this new way with Indigenous communities.

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