A Red Tape Evaluation in Selected Indigenous Communities 2006

Aim of the publication

The paper explores the extent and nature of the administrative burden commonly known as ‘red tape’ within government funding programs on Indigenous organisations. Recommendations suggest common sense and flexible strategies within existing frameworks and legislation, to assist in reducing the administrative load.

Target audience

The evaluation, conducted by Morgan Disney and Associates between mid-2005 and January 2006,  will assist government policy, program and grant development. Local Indigenous Coordination Centre’s (ICC’s), the Australian Government and other Indigenous organisation’s will benefit when negotiating funding outcomes.

Content of the publication

The evaluation involved a sample of 14 (half) the ICCs, and 22 Indigenous organisations in receipt of government funding, and nominated by the 14 ICCs in the sample.

Findings indicate that there is strong interest among the various stakeholder groups to progress work on the approach to reducing red tape. There are promising ideas on the table which could be identified, and either tested, or implemented very quickly and with low cost.

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