Ngana - Bama - Bama Bubu-Mun Dungay Maku Light-Anda — All of us on the Land Towards the Light

Mossman Gorge is one of the 29 priority locations in Australia where the NPARSD is being implemented. To do this the Mossman Gorge Community, Bamanga Bubu Ngadimunku Incorporated, the Queensland Government and the Australian Government developed a Local Implementation Plan (known as the Mossman Gorge Accord), to capture the aspirations of the Mossman Gorge Community in closing the gap on Indigenous disadvantage and to create a better future in Mossman Gorge.  The Accord sets out commitments from governments and the community to work collectively on a range of longer-term priorities as well as immediate priority issues.

The Accord was signed in March 2013 and is a living document which evolves as community priorities are pursued and new priorities arise. This Accord demonstrates a collective will and commitment of the Mossman Gorge people and Governments to explore the story, vision and aspirations of Mossman Gorge, and more importantly the immediate barriers to a better place for the people of Mossman Gorge.

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