Review of Certain FaHCSIA Funded Youth Services

Aim of the publication

This review summarises certain activities delivered under the Central Australian Integrated Youth Services Project (IYSP) as part of the Petrol Sniffing Strategy (PSS) and the NTER Youth Alcohol Diversion Measure (YADM). The recommendations identify existing best practice, what has been successfully implemented, what has and has not worked well, and what could be improved.  

Target audience

The findings will inform the Australian Government’s future direction of the PSS in measuring progress of youth services and programs against objectives, focusing on alternative activities for young people and strengthening and support communities. The findings would assist policy makers, service providers and organisations supporting young Indigenous people.

Content of the publication

The report offers a useful contribution to the literature on alternative youth programs, especially in relation to Volatile Substance Misuse. The IYSP and YADM programs are viewed as critically important measures to (respectively) divert young people away from destructive behaviour, such as substance abuse, and toward education or employment activities.


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