Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory: Implementation Plan for Enhancing Communities

Thank you to all who considered the draft Implementation Plan for Enhancing Communities. The Implementation Plan has now been finalised.

Enhancing Communities is part of the Australian Government’s 10-year commitment to work with Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory to build strong, independent lives, where communities, families and children are safe and healthy. Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory is a $3.4 billion investment and responds directly to what Aboriginal people told the Government was important to them.  

The Australian Government recognises that strengthening the governance and leadership skills of individuals, communities and local organisations will lead to more effective participation in decision making, stronger local organisations and families, and improved services.

Under Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory, the Australian Government will support Aboriginal organisations to deliver services, and all services will be expected to employ Aboriginal people. The Enhancing Communities element strengthens the Government’s investment in governance and leadership development across Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.

The initiative provides funding and support that aims to:

  • build the capacity of local Aboriginal organisations so that they can be involved in the delivery of important community services; and
  • provide increased opportunities to develop personal, family and community leadership.

Enhancing Communities is an element of the Remote Engagement and Coordination measure and contributes to the objectives and outcomes of the National Partnership Agreement for Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory. The investment being made through Enhancing Communities reflects the Australian Government’s commitment to work with Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory to address the unacceptable levels of disadvantage still faced by too many people, and to build stronger futures together.

If you have any comments or questions about this Implementation Plan please email or call 02 6146 3625 to talk to the Section Manager, Program Design.

Content Updated: 23 July 2013