Remote Engagement Coordination Implementation Plan under the National Partnership Agreement on Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory

The National Partnership Agreement on Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory gives effect to the Australian and Northern Territory Government’s commitment to work with Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory. It aims to support Aboriginal people, particularly in remote communities, to live strong, independent lives, where communities, families and children are safe and healthy.

Signed by the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, the National Partnership Agreement outlines nine supporting Implementation Plans to set out funding and commitments for each of the nine specific schedules.

This Remote Engagement and Coordination Implementation Plan (Schedule I of the National Partnership Agreement) sets out the policy and financial undertakings to improve government engagement with Aboriginal people and communities in the Northern Territory. It covers support for Aboriginal interpreter services in all NT Aboriginal languages; support to facilitate Northern Territory Government coordination and participation in evaluation and monitoring; the establishment of Remote Engagement Teams that will live and work in remote communities to improve government engagement; and the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of the National Partnership Agreement.

Specifically, this Implementation Plan commits the Northern Territory, through Commonwealth investment of more than $37.1 million over ten years, to:

  • support quality interpreter services in all NT Aboriginal languages; and
  • supplement Norther

The signed Remote Engagement Coordination Implementation Plan is posted on the Federal Financial Relations website as a commitment to accountability on the part of both governments.

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