Stronger Futures consultations

The measures in the Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory package respond directly to priorities identified as the most urgent by Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory during extensive consultations undertaken in mid-2011.

The Stronger Futures in the Northern Territory discussion paper, was released on 22 June 2011 by the Prime Minister, the Hon Julia Gillard MP, and the Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, the Hon Jenny Macklin MP.  This provided a framework for gathering the views of Aboriginal people in the Northern Territory - on what was working, what needed to be improved, and what more needs to be done - to address the unacceptable levels of disadvantage being experienced by Aboriginal people across the Territory, particularly in remote communities and town camps.

Between late June and mid-August 2011, more than 480 meetings were held with people in around 100 communities and town camps across the Northern Territory.  The consultations included 101 whole-of-community meetings, 378 smaller meetings with individuals, families and other groups in communities, public meetings in five major towns, as well as meetings with key stakeholder organisations.

The Government worked closely with the Northern Territory Aboriginal Interpreter Service so that trained and well-prepared interpreters were on hand to assist with most of the whole-of-community meetings.  The Aboriginal Interpreter Service also assisted with short radio advertisements in 13 Aboriginal languages.

The Cultural and Indigenous Research Centre Australia (CIRCA) was engaged to provide an independent report on the conduct of the consultations.

On 18 October 2011, Minister Macklin released a report summarising the views expressed by people through the Stonger Futures consultation process.

In addition, an independent research company was engaged to analyse the consultation feedback to ensure the consultation report provided an accurate account of what was said. The company’s data analysis is contained in the Stronger Futures Quantitative Analysis Report.

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