Single government interface

The Australian Government and the relevant State or Territory Government have established a Single Government Interface to serve each of the Remote Service Delivery communities.

The aim of the single interface is to focus and simplify community engagement with government representatives.

It is made up of:

  • locally based government staff consisting of Government Business Managers  (GBMs) and Indigenous Engagement Officers (IEOs)
  • Regional Operation Centres (ROCs) where both Australian and State/Territory Government staff work together, reporting to a Board of Management in each jurisdiction.

GBMs are known by different titles in each jurisdiction. They are known as GBMs in New South Wales, South Australia and the Northern Territory; Government Engagement and Coordination Officers (GECOs) in the Gulf communities in Queensland; Local Program Officers in the Cape York communities in Queensland; and Local Area Coordinators in Western Australia.

IEOs are known by different titles in some places, in order to be more appropriate to the cultural requirements of particular communities. They are also known as Aboriginal Engagement Officers and Anangu Engagement Officers (specific to the APY Lands).

The GBMs are the community’s direct link to government. They:

  • are the key government liaison and consultation point in communities
  • work collaboratively with other government representatives
  • assist with community planning and agreement making
  • ensure that services are coordinated on the ground
  • report on progress and on local issues and concerns to the local Regional Operations Centre and State/Territory Board of Management.

The Indigenous Engagement Officers (IEOs) are Indigenous people recruited from within the local area, who speak the local language/s. They assist the GBMs in their liaison and engagement work and help to support their communities.

The GBMs and IEOs are supported by six Regional Operation Centres (ROCs) located in:

  • Darwin, NT `
  • Cairns, Qld
  • Mount Isa, Qld
  • Broome, WA
  • Adelaide, SA
  • Dubbo, NSW.

As well as supporting GBMs and IEOs, ROCs are also working with government agencies to ensure effective and timely service delivery.

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