Progress on Remote Service Delivery in priority locations

The Australian Government reports annually to COAG on the implementation of the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Service Delivery. These reports are published on the COAG website.

The Coordinator General for Remote Indigenous Services formally reports twice a year on the development and delivery of services in the priority locations. He also reports to Commonwealth, state and territory agencies on obstacles within their areas of responsibility and advises the Minister for Indigenous Affairs and Council of Australian Governments (COAG) about any changes needed. The Coordinator General's reports are available at the CGRIS website. The Whole of Government response to the first five reports is available below.

In addition, an Implementation Review of the Remote Service Delivery National Partnership has been undertaken by the Commonwealth Government, in partnership with States and the Northern Territory Governments, which takes stock of progress against the outputs and deliverables of the NPA RSD to the end of 2012. You can view the complete Review report at the following location:

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