2007-2008 Indigenous Community Women's Leadership Program

Leaders for Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Sharron Condren – Canberra, ACT

Sharron CondrenSharron is a Kalkadoon woman born in Mt Isa, QLD, raised in Townsville now living and working in Canberra. Sharron is a mother and an artist who supports people with alcohol addictions, giving talks and visiting patients in rehabilitation. Sharron is also secretary of a group which holds meetings for alcoholics and her vision for the future is to keep learning things that are of interest, to listen, learn and share what she has gained from others and to never give up.


Irma Norris – Canberra, ACT

Irma NorrisIrma lives in Canberra and is a Wiradjuri woman, with family ties to Griffith, NSW. Irma is a Support Case Worker who is actively involved in groups from Winnunga Nimmityjah (Aboriginal Medical Service in Canberra) and Yurauna Centre (Indigenous Studies Unit). Irma is a listener and supports and educates others. Irma’s proudest achievement is completing a Certificate IV in Social Welfare. Irma’s vision for the future is to help her people to grow stronger, to learn from others and to become a good role model for our younger generation.


Susan Gilles – Canberra, ACT

Susan GillesSusan is a Palawa woman from the North West Coast of Tasmania. Susan has been living and working in the Ngunnawal community of Canberra for the past 12 years and is a caring and passionate person who wants to see everyone’s rights respected. Susan’s achievements include successfully tendering for a DEWR Employment Program and Commonwealth Aged Care Program in 2007/2008. Susan’s vision for the future is to see community strengthened through mutual respect and shared gains, to see societies focus shift from individuals to the collective and where caring for one and other becomes valued more than material gains and power control.


Lynnice Keen – Canberra, ACT

Lynnice KeenLynnice lives in Canberra and is a Ngunnawal/Wiradjuri woman. Lynnice is working for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Kinship and Foster Care Service, at the Office for Children, Youth and Family Support as an A/g Senior Project Officer. Lynnice is responsible for overseeing the ATSI Foster Care Service, which includes the recruitment, assessment, training, support and maintenance of carers for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. Lynnice is a strong black woman and mother of two beautiful children. Lynnice’s vision is to have strong communities and families where children are able to grow up in a safe, loving, nurturing environment and where their spiritual, cultural, emotional and psychological needs are met.


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Leaders for New South Wales (NSW)

Tina Pidcock – Fingal Bay, NSW

Tina PidcockTina is from Fingal Bay and is a Pooningbah woman. Tina is a Family Support Worker and a true loyal friend and a community leader. Tina is resilient and her best achievements are her daughters.  Tina has completed a Bachelor of Health Science and won several awards for Academic Excellence and Community Work. Her vision is to have unity amongst her community, society and to have good, strong, healthy Aboriginal people who can live long and wonderful lives.  Tina’s vision also includes having strong Aboriginal leaders with integrity and for my family to live long, happy, healthy and financially secure lives.


Leanne Greenaway – Dubbo, NSW

Leanne GreenawayLeanne is from Dubbo and is a Wiradjuri woman. Leanne works to develop and co-ordinate programs for indigenous people of all ages in her area. Leanne has two beautiful sons, who are being raised within their community. She also supports and mentors youth in Dubbo, so that they can achieve their goals to one day lead others. Tina’s goal is that all Indigenous people come together as one by acknowledging past leaders and striving to be one.


Raeleen Berriman – Wentworth, NSW

Raeleen BerrimanRaeleen is a Barkindji elder.  She is an Education Officer for TAFE NSW, Riverina Institution, as well as an advocate/friend, grief and loss facilitator.   Raeleen has a deep commitment to culture and is willing to learn and grow at all levels. Her achievements are building community partnerships/relationships, becoming an elder and building her family.  Raeleen’s vision is to assist our young people to become whatever they hope to be and for them to have a positive future in their rightful place in country and society with pride and strength.


Lana Callaghan – Batemans Bay, NSW

Lana CallaghanLana was born in Gilgandra, NSW and her tribal clan is Wiradjuri. Lana is active in the communities of the Eurobodalla Shire Council Area. She has two daughters and a beautiful grand-daughter. Previously, she worked with the NSW Aboriginal Land Council (12 ½ years) as a Branch Manager and is currently the Manager of Cobowra CDEP which is at times challenging and rewarding. Lana’s biggest achievement has been raising two beautiful, strong and independent Aboriginal women who are also very active community members and her goal in life is to improve service delivery and access to services for Koori people.


Donnalee Kennedy – Broken Hill, NSW

Donnalee KennedyDonnalee’s community is Broken Hill, NSW and her clan is Dieri. Donnalee is the Manager of the Youth, Excellence, Arts and Health (YEAH) Program, and the Chairperson of the Broken Hill Community Working Party. She has a love of life and is a caring and understanding person who lists her achievements as having her family and career. Donnalee’s vision for the future is to move forward in life and for her family to grow..


Fleur Magick – Orange, NSW

Fleur MagickFleur lives in Orange and is a descendant of the Ngemba and Wiradjuri people.  Fleur has roles within the community including Co-ordinator of the Orange Wiradjuri Language Group, teacher of language and cultural dance and Aboriginal Cultural Birthing and Parenting, NSW.  Fleur’s achievements are being the founder of Aboriginal Cultural Birthing and Parenting NSW and Orange Wiradjuri Language Group.  Fleur’s vision for the future is talking, signing and dancing on the land with traditional languages, taking care of each other and country.


Justine Davis – Redfern, NSW

Justine DavisJustine’s communities are Redfern, NSW and Bateman’s Bay, South Coast NSW. Justine is a volunteer worker and a fast learner. Her vision for the future is to be a good role model for her children as well as all other kids.


Elizabeth McEntyre – Port Stephens, NSW

Elizabeth McEntyreElizabeth is a Worimi and Goori woman from Port Stephens and works with Government to ensure equality with services especially for Aboriginal people in custody. Elizabeth is very passionate about her work and her achievements are her children, family and friends. Elizabeth is the first Aboriginal person to gain first class honours in Social Work within the University of Newcastle and her vision for the future is harmony, love and respect between all peoples.


Shiralee Carroll – Sydney, NSW

Shiralee CarrollShiralee was born on Erambie Mission, Cowra. Shiralee parents are descendants of the Wiradjuri Nation.  Shiralee works as a Koori Carer Support Officer.  Shiralee’s achievements are as a mother of three children and a grandmother of two.  Her vision for the future is social justice, economic independence, and self determination for Indigenous people.    


Debbie McCall – Sydney, NSW

Debbie McCallDebbie lives and works in the Campbelltown community in South Western Sydney and is a Worimi woman.  Debbie is a member of her local Aboriginal Land Council and sits on several Advisory Committees.   Debbie works right across her community and her vision is to see Indigenous people move toward the future with strength, unity and dignity. 


Sharon Taylor – Port Stephens, NSW

Sharon TaylorSharon is a Worimi woman working in Port Stephens.  Sharon is a positive role model to parents who are experiencing the pressures of life, thus impacting on their relationships with themselves, their children, their partners and families.  Sharon’s achievements are coming to the program, being a mother, and bridging the inclusive and non-discriminatory perceptions.  Her vision is to keep gaining knowledge, skills and an understanding of life and living.      


Karen Oakley – Canowindra, NSW

Karen OakleyKaren’s tribal clan is the Gundungurra people of Katoomba and her role in the community is a support person. Karen is a good communicator, is passionate and caring. Karen has worked for a Government department for 12 years and her vision for the future is to have equal rights and access for all people to all services within the community.


Vanessa Cavanagh – Wollongong, NSW

Vanessa CavanaghVanessa lives in Wollongong and is a Bundjalung and Wonnarua woman. Karen’s role in the community is a Project Officer for National Parks and she is a happy, loving and caring person. Vanessa’s best achievement is a first class honours at University and her vision for the future is that we as one human race learn to live together, looking after our mother earth instead of competing to destroy it.

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Leaders for Northern Territory (NT)

Linda Garmu – Nhulunbuy, NT

Linda GarmuLinda is from the Laynhapuy Homeland and has ties to Yilpara, Nhulunbuy. Linda is employed with the Women’s Resource Centre and her focus is to become a leader in her community and continue on being a strong proud Aboriginal woman.


Djurambil (Raelene) Mununggurrity – Yirrkala, NT

Djurambil MununggurrityRaelene is from the Laynhapuy Homeland, Yirrkala from the Gumatj-Yarrwidi- Garrthalala people.  Raelene shares what she is doing with her children and family and her vision is to see that the children get a better education in the future.


Bonita Pirie – Darwin, NT

Bonita PirieBonita is from Bagot community and is a child care worker for Save the Children/Larrakia. She is a caring person and a great role for her children. Bonita is proud of completing her Certificate III in Child Care and her vision is to see all the children that she cares for from Save the Children/Larrakia continue on in school.


Nyalung (Margaret) Maymuru – Yirrkala, NT

Nyalung MaymuruMargaret is from Laynhapuy Homeland, Yirrkala. She is from the Djapu people. Margaret is a participant of the Community Development and Employment Program. Margaret is quiet, kind and a very caring person. Her vision is gain full-time employment.


Donna Lemon – Alice Springs, NT

Donna LemonDonna is from Alice Springs and Tennant Creek and comes from the Arrente and Warrumungu people. Donna strives to be seen as a role model to young people and provides support and mentoring to assist her people. Donna’s vision for the future is to be a good role model for her children, so that they have the necessary skills to cope in life.


Lapurrngu (Sally) Maymuru – Yirrkala, NT

Lapurrngu MaymuruSally is from Yirrkala in Eastern Arnhem land and is of the Djapu Clan. Sally works with the homeland people and her vision for the future is to take on leadership through her work and in the community.

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Sharon Mununggurr – Yirrkala, NT

Sharon MununggurrSharon is from Yirrkala community and is a descendant of the Wamba Wamba/Wiradjuri people. Sharon has a connection to the Gumatj Clan, is a Yirrkala Council Member and a Board member for Miwatj Health. Her vision is to see her children and community have a positive future and have control over their lives and recognition of who they are.


Marie White – Alice Springs, NT


Marie White

Marie is from Alice Springs and is an Arrente woman. Marie’s role within her community is the female Outreach Worker with Drugs and Alcohol. Marie’s vision for the future is to help build a stronger community and drafting. 



Gina Bennett – Alice Springs, NT

Gina BennettGina is from Alice Springs and Tennant Creek and is from the Warrumungu and Walmampa people. Gina’s role within the community is the Women’s Issues Officer. Gina is proud of owning her own home and has taken the step of changing her career path. Gina’s vision for the future is to complete her studies to become an accountant.


Selina Goodman – Palmerston Indigenous Village, NT

Selina GoodmanSelina lives in Palmerston Indigenous Village in the Northern Territory and is from the Malak Malak people of Daly River. Selina is involved in the Breakfast Program in her community. Selina’s vision for the future is to become a leader in the health field.


Dianne Williams – Tennant Creek, NT

Dianne WilliamsDianne lives in Tennant Creek and is a Warrumungu woman. Dianne works with the Central Land Council in Administration as a Receptionist and is the first contact for all people. Dianne likes to encourage everyone, and supports cultural issues. Dianne’s vision for the future is to make sure her children are secure and that they know their culture.   


Yalmakany (Lorraine) Marika – Yirrkala, NT

Yalmakany MarikaLorraine lives in Yirrkala Community and is from the Mardarrpa Homelands. Lorraine works in the Women’s Centre and is a mother of six children. Lorraine’s vision for the future is to see her children grow strong, happy and healthy.


Beverley (Yunutju) Gondarra – Yirrkala, NT

Beverley GondarraBeverley is from the Barrkira Homeland of Yirrkala, and comes from the Golumala-Nyamil – Dhurili – Datiwuy (Barrkira) clans. Beverley’s greatest achievement is being a strong woman in her culture and community and her vision for the future is to be a good leader and give to the younger generation.


Wanggaway (Grace) Mununggurrity – Yirrkala NT

Wanggaway MununggurrityGrace is from Yirrkala in Eastern Arnhem and is a Gumatj – Yarrwidi woman with ties with Garrthalala Homelands. Grace works on Community Development Employment Projects in home care. Grace is kind and caring and is proud of her community and her children are her future.


Michelle Wilson – Alice Springs, NT

Michelle WilsonMichelle lives in Alice Springs and is from the Arrente/Finke Luritja people. Michelle is a Youth Caseworker, and is a good mother and listener. Michelle’s achievements include being accepted into the 2008 National Indigenous Leadership Program s and her vision for the future is to further her knowledge and provide more preventative workshops to empower young people.

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Leaders for Queensland (QLD)

Anastasia Revell – Maryborough, QLD

Anastasia RevellAnastasia lives in Maryborough and comes from the Birra Gubba people on her grandfather’s side and the Gurang Gurang people on her mother’s side. In the community Anastasia works as an Indigenous Employment Training Support Officer, is a community representative and a mother. She is passionate and determined and her greatest achievement is having her daughter and getting a job in community. Anastasia’s vision for the future is more community involvement and participation, and a better education system for our children so they can achieve their dreams and be great leaders for the future.


Melissa Saunders – Brisbane, QLD

Melissa SaundersMelissa lives in Brisbane and comes from the Gungarri clan (Mitchell Area). Melissa works at Brisbane City Council as the Co-ordinator for Indigenous Employment, she has a passion for her culture and her people. Melissa enjoys helping others and making a difference. Melissa is proud of completing her university degree, a Bachelor of Arts, Majors in Psychology and Indigenous Studies.  Her vision for the future is to make a real difference to the lives of Indigenous Australians by recognising past wrongs.


Christine Schluter – Mount Morgan, QLD

Christine SchluterChristine’s is a Kangalu/ Warraburra woman, is a proud mother of four and a teacher’s aide at Mt. Morgan Primary School. Her leadership journey has led her to attend professional development workshops and Christine was one of the first groups of Indigenous workers to complete a “Building Rural Leaders” course in Queensland.  Christine’s greatest achievement is being a facilitator for “Crossing Cultures” which is an Aboriginal History Program introduced to all Education Queensland staff. Her vision is for better educational outcomes for all of our children.


Karen Woodley – Mackay, QLD

Karen WoodleyKaren’s community is Cherbourg and her clans are Wakka Wakka and Arrente. Karen is a proud mother of two boys and works at the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research in Mackay. At the present moment Karen is studying a social work degree. Karen is the voice of encouragement and empowerment for her people, and wants to be alongside her sisters and brothers in implementing positive, visionary and progressive change for the betterment of Aboriginal people. Karen can be described as a reliable, loyal, passionate, strong and happy woman.


Loretta Roos – Mount Isa, QLD

Loretta RoosLoretta was born in Cloncurry and moved to Mt Isa 18 years ago. Loretta is married with ten children, her own and raising her brothers children. Loretta comes from the Waanyi clan and her role in her community is co-ordinator of the youth service in town. Loretta loves working with youth and is very easy to talk to.  She is proud of having worked as a trainee for five years and is now second in charge at the Youth Centre.  Her vision is to find a way for youth to believe that the big world out there is for them, and they need to find themselves in it. 


Kathleen Dotoi – Moa Island, QLD

Kathleen DotoiKathleen comes from the Kubin Community, Moa Island, in the Torres Strait. She is a teacher’s aide at her school and is proud to be able to get out into the community.  Kathleen’s vision is to be a good leader in her community, and a good role model to youth.


Sharon Kinchela – Ipswich, QLD

Sharon KinchelaSharon is a strong proud Kamilaroi woman who lives in Ipswich. Sharon is a proud mum of two and foster mother to seven other children. She is a public servant with the Department of Communities.  Sharon loves to share, care and show her respect to her people and her vision for the future is for Indigenous people to take their rightful place in our own country. On her personal leadership journey she will continue to walk the truth in order to be an honourable Murri woman.

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Ada Boland – Yownsville, QLD

Ada BolandAda lives in Townsville and comes from the Koomileroo people from Dubbo, and the Koomera people from Goondiwindi. Ada comes from a family of eight and is a Career & Development Project Officer in high schools and is also a Pastor of a church. Her achievements include pioneering and starting the church that she pastors, and initiating an International Indigenous Youth Conference. Her vision for the future is establishing a Youth Centre in her city that focuses on our younger generations impacting on the city for change and a better future.


Debra Skerrit – Townsville, QLD

Debra SkerritDebra lives in Townsville and is from the Torres Strait Islands. Debra’s role in the community is currently working as a Community Education Counsellor in supporting Indigenous Secondary Students. Her greatest achievements are studying at university and maintaining a strong family unit. Her vision for the future is to be the best that she can in helping students to achieve positive learning outcomes.


Elsie Ishmail – Badu Island, QLD

Elsie IshmailElsie is from Badu Island and is a proud Torres Strait Islander woman. Elsie manages a service station and loves to work and spend time with her family. Elsie wants to change all negatives in her community into positive outcomes.


Marilyn Smith – Townsville, QLD

Marilyn SmithMarilyn is a stolen generation counsellor from Townsville and is a Girrigan/Cardwell woman. Marilyn organised and carried out the National Sorry Day in 2007 in Townsville. Marilyn is great at time management, loves her people and hopes to get as much out of her community by working together.


Christine Nicholls – Bamaga ,QLD

Christine NichollsChristine lives in Bamaga and is a Yamatji woman.  Christine enjoys strong challenges and she works with Injinoo Aboriginal Shire Council.  Christine has an interest in youth development and leadership programs in her community.


Rosemary Moyle – Innisfail, QLD

Rosemary MoyleRosemary is a Mamu woman from Innisfail. Rosemary teaches children with disabilities and assists with their transition into the workforce. She hopes to have Indigenous people in well paying jobs and develop them into role models for younger Indigenous children.


Eileen Kris – Badu Island, QLD

Eileen KrisEileen is a Badu Island Torres Strait Islander woman. She is a payroll clerk who is always happy and enjoys working with people in her community. Eileen’s goal is to become a teacher and teach the children in her community.

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Jacqueline Sebasio – Injinoo, QLD

Jacqueline SebasioJacqueline is a shelter shift worker and is a Muralaig/Kaurareg woman living in the Injinoo Community. Jacqueline is a humorous and helpful person whose passion is caring for women in crisis. Jacqueline hopes to continue to support her community by gaining funds to build a Cultural Centre in her community.


Rebecca Elu – Lockhart River, QLD

Rebecca EluNo biography provided.


Dorothy Mara – Injinoo, QLD

Dorothy MaraNo biography provided.


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Leaders for South Australia (SA)

Clara Campbell – Adelaide, SA

Clara CampbellClara was born at Point McLeay Mission and her bloodlines come from Yaraldjeri/ Raminjeri/ Cullinjeri/ Lardinjeri/ Aranda/ Tasmania plus African and Scottish. She is a counsellor and believes in healing our mob. Clara believes in leaving the past alone but using it as a tool to move forward. Clara has achieved a personal healing and is proud of being. Her vision for the future is “our children”.


Michele Appleton – Kadina, SA

Michele AppletonMichele is a Wiradjuri woman and her community is Narungga in South Australia. Michele is an Aboriginal Inclusion Officer for DECS and her role in the community is to make sure our kids are cared for and are getting access to education. Michele is friendly and loves life. Her family is her greatest achievement, and her vision for the future is to see her children succeed in whatever path their lives take them.


Ros Cameron – Warradale, SA

Ros CameronRos is an Aranda (Eastern) woman from Alice Springs who has settled in Adelaide. Ros was adopted out as a young girl with 2 children from other families. She traced her family about 20 years ago and she is always discovering ‘new’ relatives and this allows her to see where she fits in. Ros loves her people and wants to find her place.  Ros is very proud of her daughter who she brought up as a sole parent and her vision is to help her people to heal and be to proud and take their place in the world.


Claudine Buckskin – Christie Downs, SA

Claudine BuckskinClaudine is a Kaurna/ Narridjeri/ Latje woman and her community is the southern region of Adelaide. Claudine works for Disability SA as an Aboriginal Disability Advisor.

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Raelene Hayward – Ceduna, SA

Raelene HaywardRaelene is a Yankutjara/ Antikinyi woman from the north of SA who lives in Ceduna. She is currently works as an Administration Worker at the Weena Mooga Gu Gudba Aboriginal Women’s Centre and is on the local Basketball Association Committee. Raelene’s vision for the future is to see her daughter achieve her goals, and to help people in whatever areas they need help in.


Teresa Branson – Adelaide, SA

Teresa BransonTeresa is a Nurraunga/ Ngarrindjeri/ Kaurna woman from Adelaide. She is a mother, a Nurse Manager and a Registered Nurse. Teresa is a strong Aboriginal woman who is committed to her family and work. Her biggest achievement is being a role model for her children, family and community. Raelene’s vision for the future is to become a leader, a role model, and to help make change to the Aboriginal health.


June Romeo – Redwood Park, SA

June RomeoJune is a Nurungga woman and her communities are Point Pierce, York Peninsula and Cooper Pedy. Her role in her community is to support Aboriginal children and families in achieving their personal and educational goals. June is a strong family person and role model and is proud of the encouragement and support she provides to young and old Aboriginal people to gain employment. June’s vision for the future is for her family to be safe, proud and happy, and for more Aboriginal people to be in positions of leadership.


Joelene Rankine – Athol Park, SA

joelene_rankineJoelene is a Ngarrindjeri woman from Raukkan who lives in Adelaide. She is a professional Child Care Worker.  The Aboriginal community that she works with come from all over Australia.


Debra Walker – Craigmore, SA

Debra WalkerDebra is a very proud Ngarrindjeri woman who lives north of Adelaide. She is the Team Manager of a developing Primary Health Care Service.   Debra is proud of establishing and contributing to the development of an Aboriginal Health Centre and her vision for the future is that the next generation of people will have access to quality services (health, education, housing, etc.)


Regina Williams - Gillies Plains, SA

Regina WilliamsRegina is a Ngarrindjeri woman from Adelaide. She is a Project Officer and provides registration for Aboriginal health workers. Regina has 2 lovely sons and loves working for her people. She is proud of completing her Diploma in Aboriginal Primary Health Care, and of being able to change communities and be accepted in those communities. Regina’s vision for the future is to have the health of her people improve tenfold, and to see the age of retirement reduced so Aboriginal people can enjoy retirement instead of not ever getting there.


Selina Gollan – Parafield, SA

Selina GollanSelina is a Ngarrindjeri woman from Adelaide currently working as an Aboriginal Education Worker. Selina is a also a casual worker at a domestic violence shelter for Indigenous women and her greatest achievement is her partner and two sons, who give her strength and inspiration. Selina is very dedicated to her children and involved in everything they do. Her vision for the future would be, to be a positive role model for her children.


Lynette Newchurch – Port Victoria, SA

Lynette NewchurchLynette is a Narungga woman from Point Pierce on the Yorke Peninsula. She is a mother, an aunty and a community Youth Worker with Families SA. She loves being a mother, working with young people and the wider community and her proudest achievement is being selected for the Indigenous Community Women’s Leadership Program.


Lorraine Gibson – Morphette Vale, SA

Lorraine GibsonNo biography provided.


Christina Koolmatrie – Ingle Farm, SA

Christina KoolmatrieNo biography provided.


Rose Smith – Paralowie, SA

Rose SmithNo biography provided.


Shirley Young - Paralowie, SA

Shirley YoungNo biography provided.


Leaders for Victoria (VIC)

Joeanne Hill – Dareton, VIC

Joeanne HillJoeanne lives in the Dareton community and is a Noongar woman from Perth.  Joeanne is an Aboriginal Art Teacher at Dareton - Coomealla TAFE NSW, who values family, friends and community. Joeanne loves to laugh and share her art.  Her proudest achievement was re-uniting with her birth mother. Joeanne believes in more of our young people taking a stand and be proud of who they are with stronger leadership roles.


Kerry Tregonning – Lake Tyers, VIC

Kerry TregonningKerry is a Gunai woman and an Aboriginal Health Worker. Kerry is a mother of nine children and her vision for the future is hope for fellow Indigenous people.


Sandra Patten – Gippsland, VIC

Sandra PattenSandra lives in Gippsland and comes from the Gunia and Kurnai people. Sandra works in State Government and is an elder, advocate, mother, wife and grandmother. Sandra has high self esteem and is articulate. Sandra’s vision for the future is to lead safe and healthy lives for her family.


Lynette Walsh – Gippsland, VIC

Lynette WalshLynette is a Gurri woman from Central Gippsland who is a positive friendly person who works hard for her community.  Lynette wants to pass her life knowledge onto others and enjoy the lives of her grandchildren as she believes the young ones are the future for our people.


Narida Vella – Shepparton, VIC

Narida VellaNarida is from the Ulupna clan from the Yorta Yorta nation and is an Aboriginal Liaison Officer for Community Interlink at Health working in Aged and Disability Services. Narida is a determined woman whose vision for the future is to have equal services for all members of her community.


Melissa Peters – Melbourne, VIC

Melissa PetersMelissa lives in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne and is a Wurundjeri woman. Melissa is a Police Officer, a family violence representative and an active community member (mentor). Melissa achieved the Indigenous Student of the Year 2005 and her vision for the future is to continue to bring positive reputations into our community with all organisations, better health, work and housing outcomes.


Leaders for Western Australia (WA)

Lesley Pickett – Ravenwood, WA

Lesley PickettLesley is a Bindareb woman from Pinjarra and Mandurah. She works for primary schools, high schools and TAFEs in her area teaching art. Lesley is a participant in an Indigenous Women’s Healing Group, an Aboriginal Health Reference Group, and is involved in a “healing group” which assists her in dealing with issues. Lesley’s biggest achievements are raising five children and helping to raise six grandchildren. Lesley’s vision for the future includes helping children by continuing to talk to them and to overcome racism.


Lorraine Morrison – Coodanup, WA

Lorraine MorrisonLorraine is a direct descendant of the Bibblaman / Yorghar people and lives in Mandurah. She is an Aboriginal Health Care Worker/ Health Educator/ Coordinator and is an active member in the ‘Healing Program’ - both programs are for Aboriginal women who support each other. Lorraine has seven children and twenty grandchildren who are all fit, healthy, strong and advocators for their Aboriginality. Lorraine’s vision is to have equal standing, to have strong health / well being/ education and increase equality for all Australia. Presently, Lorraine is striving to establish a health service in the Peel region for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to close the gap in health issues.  Lorraine is also working to ensure Aboriginal youth participate in employment and is looking to find appropriate accommodation to cater for the needs of Aboriginal people.


Shelly Coleman – Perth, WA

Shelly ColemanShelly is a Kokatha woman who lives in Perth. Shelley is an Indigenous Educator at Family Planning WA – Sexual Health Services, with a focus on young people and adults in schools, detention centres and prisons. She is also involved in delivering sexual health programs in rural/remote communities. Shelley is passionate about the health issues that impact on her people, and is a passionate individual when it comes to the health of her people. Shelley is a proud mother and also proud of being involved in the Strong Families Program winning the “Strong Families Worker of the Year” in 2005. Shelley believes that if she can do the best that she can as a leader in her community then she has made a difference to someone.


Mildren (Millie) Penny – Perth, WA

Mildren PennyMillie is a Nyoongar woman from Perth. She works for the Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation as a Counsellor in the Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Service and has been working as a volunteer for the last twenty years. Millie has been working with women who have survived breast cancer and a grandmothers respite retreat.  Mille also has a close working relationship with the Indigenous Grandparent Group. Millie works with local based organisations teaching art and craft to Aboriginal women, with the purpose of generating income and raising their self esteem.


Lesley Morrison – Dwellingup, WA

Lesley MorrisonLesley is a Binjareb woman from Pinjarra with ties to the Mandurah people. She is a Primary School Teacher with the Department of Education and Training. Her greatest achievements are her five children, gaining respect within the community and overcoming racist attitudes in her job. Whilst a volunteer at the Murray Districts Aboriginal Community Centre, Lesley was part of a team that achieved getting a monument in Pinjarra that commemorated the Massacre of Pinjarra. Lesley’s vision for the future is to see her family in employment, and to see the community working as a group to overcome drugs and alcohol.


Julie Potter – Northbridge, WA

Julie PotterJulie is a Nyoongar woman and a Community Development Officer at the Yorgum Aboriginal Corporation. Julie’s role is to take the issues from the community to develop sustainable solutions then to develop programs that are relevant. Julie is passionate about the wellbeing of Aboriginal people, particularly in the areas that impact family violence and the rights of Aboriginal people which has led to her participation in many community groups at the local and state levels. Julie has raised three children who have achieved success in their own right. She is one of the founding members developing Yorgum as a credible counselling service for Aboriginal people. Julie’s vision for the future is that every Indigenous child born is free from abuse, poverty and racism.


Merrilyn Green – Walkaway, WA

Merrilyn GreenMerrilyn is a Budimia woman from Geraldton and is the Manager for the Geraldton Street Work Aboriginal Corporation and is a member of the Geraldton Aboriginal Sporting Corporation.  Merrilyn is supportive of positive community activities and is a good listener. Merrilyn has eleven grandchildren and four great grandchildren of whom she is very proud. Merrilyn’s vision for the future is that our people have a strong view reflecting their culture including youth, to encourage them to speak for themselves and to be on the local Government. She would also like to see a life that is without excessive drugs and alcohol for our youth.


Donna-Marie Johnston – Boulder, WA

Donna-Marie JohnstonDonna-Marie is a Wongutha woman from the Goldfields region. Donna-Marie is a very friendly, honest, outgoing person who loves meeting new people. She considers herself to be an active role model and mentor for the younger generation. Donna-Marie is a single mother of three children and juggles her time between parenting, working and sports with the children as well as looking after herself. She hopes to one day be a great community leader and will be targeting our younger generation because our children are our future.


Rosanna Angus – Broome, WA

Rosanna AngusRosanna is a Bardi woman from One Arm Point near Broome.  A reliable friend and mother, Rosanna has achieved a sense of confidence from 22 years of working to make rationale decisions in her professional and private life


Larissa Brown – South Hedland, WA

Larissa BrownLarissa is from Port Hedland and is a Ngarla woman on her mother’s side and Kariyarra woman on her father’s side. Larissa’s greatest achievement is the birth of her son and she belives our people need more recognition as the first Australians.


Robyn Long – Halls Creek, WA

Robyn LongRobyn is a Yamaji woman who works as support service officer in the Health Dept. Robyn has created employment opportunities in her community and wants to make Halls Creek a better place to live.


Josie Shadforth – Beagle Bay, WA

Josie ShadforthJosie lives in Beagle Bay and is a Family Support Worker.  Josie wants to decrease the levels of domestic violence and to assist women and keep children safe.  Josie is proud that she is able to assist families in her community.


Vicki Butters – Halls Creek, WA

Vicki ButtersVicki is a Kija woman who prides herself on being a good listener and an honest person. Vicki has a Dip. in Business Management, is Manager at the Kimberley Language Resource Centre and is a loving mum to 3 children.


Tracey Green – Sunset Beach, WA

Tracey GreenTracey works for the Bundiyarra Aboriginal Corp. in Geraldton.  Tracey is a carer and mother who is a good listener and is a helpful person.  Tracey’s goal is to continue to be the best she can.


Bianca Long-Crake – Halls Creek, WA

Bianca Long-CrakeBianca is a juru woman who comes from Halls Creek but lives in Wyndham.  Bianca is a friendly, helpful person who works in the Mining Industry.  Bianca’s goal is to become a better leader and to help others become better leaders.


Shellene Gunn – Cable Beach, WA

Shellene GunnShellene is from the Kija Tribal Group and is a strong and confident woman who is proud of who she is and what she wants to achieve in life.  Shellene has a passion for reconciliation and social justice.


Merle Nolan – Mandurah, WA

Merle NolanNo biography provided.


Sylvia Shoveller – Broome, WA

Sylvia ShovellerNo biography provided.


Leaders for Tasmania (Tas)

Jeanette James – Flinders Island, TAS

Jeanette JamesJeanette’s family come from Flinders Island which is situated off the North East Coast of Tasmania. She works for the Department of Health and Human Services as the Policy Officer for Aboriginal Health.  Jeanette has been a category prize winner in the 2002 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Telstra Arts Awards and was chosen as a delegate in the 1997 and 2002 International repatriation campaigns. Jeanette’s vision is to retire and practice art fulltime.

Content Updated: 21 May 2012