Have your say about a National Indigenous Representative Body - Submission WS02

Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation

Objectives and principles

  1. Are there objectives or principles (not identified in the community guide paper) that should guide the national representative body?


Roles and functions

  1. Are there roles and functions (not identified in the community guide paper) that the national representative body should perform?

If any communities do not have representation at a state level how can anyone speak or say they are representing them

Representing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities

  1. How should the national representative body be informed by developments at the local and regional levels?
  • Should it include regional representative mechanisms as part of its structure? If so, how would they operate?
  • What other mechanisms should or could the representative body use to engage at a regional and local level?

The Darug community of over 10,000 people who mostly reside in the Sydney Basin & are not recognized by the NSWALC SHOULD HAVE ACCESS to some mechanism to have input if not this could lead to challenges in the courts to be represented

Contact all Native Title Applicants for advice in their regions

  1. How should the national representative body engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples at a state/territory level?

Contact all the Native title groups


  1. How should the national representative body provide a voice to Torres Strait Islanders, including those living on the mainland?


  1. What mechanisms should the national representative body use to ensure that traditionally marginalised groups (such as people with disabilities, members of the stolen generations and young people) have a say in the new body?

make a sub committee who reports to the national body

Structure of the National Representative body

  1. How should the members of the national representative body be selected? Should it be by election or delegation, or a combination of these? Please explain or draw how your preferred model would operate.

Must be held by Election every four years with each state having their own election to select their candidate from candidates who put themselves up for election

The election must include all members of the Aboriginal communities & not just land councils as this will lead to challenges in court

  1. What skills and experience should candidates for positions on the national body possess? What processes should be used to determine whether a candidate has these skills and is appropriate to be selected?

The candidates would have to present their skills at election time

the candidates must have no criminal convictions involved in any failed business & should be working in the community they wish to represent

Relationship with government and the Parliament

  1. How should the national representative body be established? What relationship should it have with government and the Parliament? What potential limitations and constraints may result from the body being established and operating in a particular way

Three members should be allocated seats in the Federal Government if they are fair dinkum

The Darug Community will make a legal challenge if they do not have access to the body as their is no one who has that authority to speak for our people


  1. How should the national representative body be funded to ensure that it is sustainable?

The same as sitting members of parliament 


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