Registering clients to participate in your approved money management course


The registration process for approved money management courses has been designed to allow participants to commence their savings pattern prior to their first face-to-face course session.

This means that a participant's 13 week minimum qualifying savings period for the Matched Savings Payment can begin on the day they register for an approved money management course, rather than on the day they attend their first face-to-face session.

When a person registers for a course, you must issue them with the pre-course materials supplied by FaHCSIA and details of the dates of their face-to-face sessions. The materials provided will help them to understand the course including basic information on budgeting and saving, and you can offer further assistance to help them develop a savings pattern while they are waiting for their course sessions to begin.

The registration process is as follows:

  1. A person who is interested in undertaking an approved money management course is referred to your service by Centrelink, another service or through self-referral.

  2. The person tells you that they would like to attend your next available approved money management course.

  3. You note/register the date the person has agreed to participate and add this to your registration records.

    • You will need to refer back to this date when completing the person's certificate of completion. The registration date will be the course 'start date' for the purposes of the Matched Savings Payment.

  4. Upon registering a person you must send them a 'registration pack' that includes a basic budget sheet, information about savings patterns for the Matched Savings Payment, notice of the date they have registered for your course, and the date of their face-to-face sessions.

    • If the person does not attend face-to-face sessions with the course provider they have registered with, the registration date cannot be used if they complete a course delivered by another provider. They would need to register separately with the other provider.

  5. When a person completes their course, you must issue them with a certificate of completion using the template supplied by FaHCSIA.

  6. When filling in the Certificate of Completion, you must include the date the person registered for the course as the 'course start date'.

    • You should encourage people who have completed your approved money management course to take their Certificate of Completion to Centrelink so they can claim the Matched Savings Payment.

  7. When processing claims for the Matched Savings Payment, Centrelink will use the course start date (from the certificate of approval) as the earliest date for a person's qualifying savings period.

    • A later date can be agreed between the person and Centrelink.

  8. After the participant has completed your approved money management course you should offer continuing assistance to help them meet their savings goals.

More information on the registration process is available in the approved money management course guidelines.


The information contained in this publication is intended only as a guide. The information is accurate as at August 2010. If you use this publication after, please check with FaHCSIA that it is correct. 


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