MoneyBusiness Operational Guidelines

Background and purpose

ANZ developed MoneyBusiness in partnership with FaHCSIA in 2005. MoneyBusiness has brought together ANZ's knowledge and experience in financial literacy and the Australian Government's overview of service delivery.

MoneyBusiness was developed with the purpose of helping to build the money management skills and confidence of Indigenous Australians and assist in building a stronger savings culture. 

ANZ and FaHCSIA have agreed to make MoneyBusiness available for delivery as:

  1. community education workshops; and/or
  2. an approved money management course.

MoneyBusiness is delivered through organisations funded by FaHCSIA under the Financial Management Program. 

FaHCSIA now requires all money management providers delivering services in locations where Income Management applies to deliver MoneyBusiness as an approved money management course as part of their core service offer. Some Commonwealth Financial Counselling and Emergency Relief service providers will also deliver MoneyBusiness as an approved money management course.

These Operational Guidelines are designed to assist Financial Management Program providers and workers understand MoneyBusiness. They provide information on the use of MoneyBusiness and specify the conditions of use that must be adhered to by organisations delivering MoneyBusiness.

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What is MoneyBusiness?

MoneyBusiness is made up of two components, the MoneyBusiness Kit and the MoneyBusiness Course. (MoneyBusiness is not a logo)

The MoneyBusiness Kit is made up of a comprehensive set of community workshop materials. The original materials were developed in consultation with local Indigenous communities and Indigenous workers and have been designed specifically to take into account particular issues facing Indigenous people.

The MoneyBusiness Course contains selected content from the MoneyBusiness Kit and additional material developed by FaHCSIA in order to ensure that the MoneyBusiness Course meets the characteristics of and delivery requirements for an approved money management course.  This enables the MoneyBusiness Course to be delivered as a stand alone course through organisations funded by FaHCSIA under the Financial Management Program.

Each component of MoneyBusiness has been designed in a culturally appropriate way to facilitate learning for Indigenous people, particularly those in remote areas.

Unless otherwise stated, references in this document to MoneyBusiness are references to both the MoneyBusiness Kit and the MoneyBusiness Course.

MoneyBusiness is provided on an 'as is' basis. FaHCSIA and ANZ accept no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of any of the information contained in MoneyBusiness.

FaHCSIA and ANZ exclude all liability for any opinions, advice or information contained in MoneyBusiness, or any consequences flowing from its use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: MoneyBusiness is not a substitute for professional financial advice.

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Financial Management Program and Money Management Service Delivery

The Australian Government funds the Financial Management Program to build financial resilience and wellbeing among those most at risk of financial and social exclusion and disadvantage. The Financial Management Program helps people across a range of income and financial literacy levels to manage their money, overcome financial adversity, participate in their communities and plan for the medium to long term.

Money Management Services provide practical and essential support to help people build longer-term capability to manage their money better and increase financial resilience. They are generally delivered in remote locations with high Indigenous populations.

Participating in Money Management programs empowers people to:

  • make better and informed decisions about managing their money including managing money from payday to payday to ensure essential living expenses are covered (e.g. food, rent, clothing, education, regular bills) and share household expenses fairly
  • plan and set goals for items such as white goods, furniture, cars, boats and leisure goods and to put something aside for their children and the future
  • better use financial services to manage their household funds and access technology such as ATMs and phone and internet banking
  • be aware of their rights as consumers, know how to avoid exploitation when using their money and how to get better deals when making purchases
  • improve capacity to ssist other people financially, or resist inappropriate requests for financial assistance
  • have an understanding of the requirements attached to home ownership
  • better deal with financial hardship and money stresses.

Money management services:

  • deliver education and intensive coaching in financial literacy and budgeting
  • provide use of tools to implement individual and family budgeting and savings, and debt management plans including on-going budget monitoring
  • organise related family support and referrals
  • assist with accessing financial institutions and financial services information
  • deliver education and information sessions relating to money management services that meet local community needs.

Education and information services have developed over time and have been tailored to meet local needs. Wherever possible local Indigenous workers are engaged and supported to deliver services.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All FaHCSIA funded money management services are required to deliver MoneyBusiness as part of their core service offer.

Who owns MoneyBusiness? - Intellectual property rights

MoneyBusiness is jointly owned by ANZ and FaHCSIA and all intellectual property rights in MoneyBusiness are the property of ANZ and FaHCSIA.

Service providers should refer to the Intellectual property rights information specified in their individual funding agreements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you believe someone in your organisation is not complying with the conditions regarding the use of MoneyBusiness, you must tell FaHCSIA.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must not alter any part of MoneyBusiness.

Use of the MoneyBusiness logo and brand name

As of 1 July 2010:

  • FaHCSIA funded Service Providers must not use the name MoneyBusiness to identify and/or name their organisation. 
  • All MoneyBusiness merchandise and promotional materials will be centrally generated by FaHCSIA and ANZ only.  These are to be used to support the delivery of MoneyBusiness.
  • No independently generated MoneyBusiness products or merchandising is to be produced by any FaHCSIA funded organisation.  Prohibited merchandise includes, but is not limited to, pens, posters, letterhead, T‑shirts, stickers, window displays, websites, pamphlets and balloons.
  • FaHCSIA funded Service Providers must not copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, vary or modify MoneyBusiness or any part of MoneyBusiness Trade Mark in any way for use and/or delivery.
  • Independent use of the MoneyBusiness logo is not to be used for any purpose.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can develop material of your own to help you deliver MoneyBusiness, however you must not use the name 'MoneyBusiness' or use the MoneyBusiness logo on the material you develop.

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Who may use MoneyBusiness?

Organisations funded by FaHCSIA under the Financial Management Program may deliver MoneyBusiness.  ANZ has separate licensing arrangement with organisations not funded by the Government under the Financial Management Program.

MoneyBusiness is structured for delivery by workers trained by ANZ or FaHCSIA (or their approved trainers) to deliver MoneyBusiness.

FaHCSIA provides MoneyBusiness training through the Financial Management Resource Support Units (FMRSU). The FMRSU provides training to deliver MoneyBusiness as community education workshops or as an approved money management course.  Successful completion of the training provided by the FMRSU is a condition of use prior to delivery of MoneyBusiness.

FMRSU training in the use of MoneyBusiness will be provided free of charge to FaHCSIA funded financial management support services.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must only permit MoneyBusiness to be delivered by a person who has received training in the delivery of MoneyBusiness through the Financial Management Resource Support Unit.

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What conditions apply to the use of MoneyBusiness?

To protect the integrity of MoneyBusiness and the interests of ANZ and FaHCSIA, as the owners of MoneyBusiness, a set of conditions have been developed to regulate the use of MoneyBusiness by agencies and individuals who will use and/or deliver MoneyBusiness in money management service sites.

All organisations delivering MoneyBusiness must comply with the conditions of use, as specified in these Operational Guidelines.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must not charge any fee or seek payment or other benefit of any kind from any person to whom you deliver MoneyBusiness.

You must comply with all applicable obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 and any equivalent State or Territory legislation regarding information (including personal information) obtained by you about people to whom you deliver MoneyBusiness.

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Role of organisations delivering MoneyBusiness

Service providers are required to:

  • recruit, employ and support workers to enable them to achieve MoneyBusiness outcomes; 
  • provide suitable office space, administrative, human resource management and IT support for the delivery of MoneyBusiness;
  • maintain the MoneyBusiness resources and IT equipment required to support the deliver of MoneyBusiness to a high standard;
  • ensure that workers attend MoneyBusiness training and work collaboratively with the training providers to facilitate training provision;
  • assist with the promotion of MoneyBusiness in service delivery sites;
  • ensure that workers provide a quality service, effectively and efficiently;
  • meet the reporting and acquittal requirements outlined in their FaHCSIA Funding Agreement; and
  • meet the other terms and conditions of their FaHCSIA Funding Agreement.

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Target groups for MoneyBusiness

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must deliver MoneyBusiness to target participants in money management service sites as specified in your FaHCSIA Funding Agreement.

When delivering the MoneyBusiness Course you must give priority of access to people participating in the Matched Savings Payment Incentive*.

*Please refer to the Approved Money Management Course Operational Guidelines for further information.

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MoneyBusiness as an approved money management course

ANZ has agreed to make MoneyBusiness available for delivery as an approved money management course through organisations funded by FaHCSIA under the Financial Management Program.

Organisations delivering MoneyBusiness as an approved money management course are required to operate in accordance with their FaHCSIA Funding Agreement, the Approved Money Management Course Operational Guidelines and these MoneyBusiness Operational Guidelines.

While delivering the MoneyBusiness Course you must:

  • deliver the MoneyBusiness Course only after your organisation has received training in delivery of 'MoneyBusiness as an approved money management course' through the Financial Management Resource Support Unit.
  • meet FaHCSIA's approved money management course delivery requirements including the registration process (refer Approved Money Management Course Operational Guidelines).
  • give priority to compulsory income management clients (including Child Protection Income Management)
  • deliver the MoneyBusiness Course free of charge to all participants.
  • keep appropriate records and data (reporting templates will be provided by FaHCSIA).
  • provide ongoing support to participants (if requested) and refer participants to Centrelink when they have completed the MoneyBusiness Course.
  • provide each person who completes their MoneyBusiness Course with a Certificate of Completion (certificate template and identification process will be provided by FaHCSIA).
  • provide FaHCSIA with projected quarterly training course schedules showing the locations and dates of MoneyBusiness Courses to be conducted (using the template supplied by FaHCSIA).

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What is included in MoneyBusiness?

The MoneyBusiness Kit consists of the following items:

  • Facilitators Guide
  • Prompt cards and Prompt card brochure
  • MoneyBusiness DVD
  • Community Workshops CD
  • Slides and Stairs CD
  • Tenancy Workshop- Playing cards
  • Needs and Wants- Playing cards
  • 2 x Slides and Stairs Board Games, which include the following items per game:
    • 8 Tokens
    • 4 dice
    • Pouch
    • Question and Answer Booklet
    • Rule Book
  • White board marker
  • Calculator
  • MoneyBusiness Kit Bag to store all the items.

The MoneyBusiness Course contains selected content from the MoneyBusiness Kit and additional material developed by FaHCSIA which is provided to organisations delivering an approved money management course. This additional material is provided during training to deliver MoneyBusiness as an approved money management course and includes:

  • Approved money management course registration form
  • Pre course reading materials
  • MoneyBusiness Course outline
  • Spending Diary templates
  • Questions and Answers- Matched Savings Payment

Note: The 'additional material' has been developed by FaHCSIA and does not form part of 'MoneyBusiness'.

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Caring for and maintaining MoneyBusiness

Organisations using MoneyBusiness must:

  • Take all reasonable steps and adequate security measures to protect MoneyBusiness from unauthorised use or access by any third party; and
  • Accept all responsibility and liability for the consequences flowing from a failure by the organisation, its staff and subcontractors to provide adequate security.

Responsibility for maintaining MoneyBusiness Kits remains with the organisation. If a worker leaves the organisation the MoneyBusiness Kit must be retained by the organisation for the next worker. MoneyBusiness Kits should not remain with the worker unless they are moving to another part of the organisation and will be delivering MoneyBusiness in their new position.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On expiration or termination of your FaHCSIA Funding Agreement you must return MoneyBusiness to your FaHCSIA contract manager.

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Record keeping and reporting requirements

Upon request by FaHCSIA you must provide full access and copies of all records and any other information relating to your use and/or delivery of MoneyBusiness.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will upon request by FaHCSIA participate in any reviews and evaluations of MoneyBusiness.

Restrictions on use

You have no proprietary rights to MoneyBusiness.  ANZ and FAHCSIA may withdraw their permission for you to use MoneyBusiness if you do not comply with these Operational Guidelines or the terms and conditions of your FaHCSIA Funding Agreement.

If FaHCSIA withdraws their permission for you to use and/or deliver MoneyBusiness, you must immediately cease using and if requested return all MoneyBusiness material (except for things intended for people to whom you are to deliver MoneyBusiness) to FaHCSIA.

You must:

  1. Not use MoneyBusiness in any way that would harm the reputations of ANZ or FaHCSIA.
  2. Ensure that your delivery of MoneyBusiness is impartial and does not advertise or promote any financial products or services.
  3. Not make any changes to MoneyBusiness unless ANZ or FaHCSIA tell you in writing that you may do so.
  4. Make it clear to people to whom you deliver MoneyBusiness that you are providing general educational information only that has been prepared without taking into account the persons individual financial circumstances or particular needs and that you are not giving financial advice.
  5. Only refer to MoneyBusiness by its name, 'MoneyBusiness', 'the MoneyBusiness Kit' or 'the MoneyBusiness Course'.
  6. Ensure that all people delivering MoneyBusiness on behalf of your organisation are trained in accordance with the ANZ and FaHCSIA training requirements.

FaHCSIA requires that your organisation and any of your employees take all reasonable steps to ensure that the confidentiality and privacy of MoneyBusiness is strictly maintained and your right to access and use MoneyBusiness is clearly set out in any copies/reproductions of MoneyBusiness.

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MoneyBusiness Kits will be distributed by the Financial Management Resource Support Unit to money management workers (and other Financial Management Program funded organisations where appropriate) on completion of their training in the content of the MoneyBusiness Kit.

Each worker will also receive a MoneyBusiness T-shirt, badge, pen and calculator in recognition of their completed training.

You should contact your FRMSU regarding distribution to your organisation.

Contact details

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