National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide - for remote communities

The National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide was released in February 2010 and is a valuable handbook for people working with remote Indigenous community infrastructure to be able to make choices about the design and maintenance of infrastructure systems.

The guide provides a useful integrated structure for understanding major infrastructure issues for remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. It includes practical guidance on installing and maintaining infrastructure that is appropriate and sustainable for remote communities.

The National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide presents comprehensive information in one volume on technology choice, design, installation and support for remote community infrastructure. It covers water supply, stormwater, wastewater, energy, waste, telecommunications and transport. It has a central emphasis on community involvement, especially in the maintenance and management of infrastructure.

The guide brings together existing research, codes and standards, resources and information on community infrastructure. Rather than an all-inclusive 'how to' manual, it raises issues that need to be considered when working with various aspects of infrastructure.

The National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide was compiled over two years by the Centre for Appropriate Technology with the support of the Australian Government and the involvement of over 100 people around Australia who wrote, reviewed and participated in workshops to develop the guide.

Production of the guide was funded by the Australian Government Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs

Development of the National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide followed on from the success of the National Indigenous Housing Guide. Remote Indigenous communities and those working with them needed a resource that covered sustainability and service issues beyond the house. The two guides complement each other.

The National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide will assist people who are working with infrastructure in Indigenous communities - community managers, essential service officers, local and state government officers, planners, service providers, contractors and the communities themselves.

The National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide is available electronically from the Centre for Appropriate Technology website.

Hard copies of the National Indigenous Infrastructure Guide are available at no cost from:

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Telephone: 1800 050 009
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