Terms of Reference – Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) Consultative Group


On 19 December 2008, the Australia Government announced major reforms to the Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) program. The program will make a significant contribution in remote Australia to the Government's agenda of halving the employment gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians within a decade. The reforms were implemented on 1 July 2009.

CDEP is now focussed on building the skills of participants in remote communities to find jobs outside of CDEP as opposed to directly providing employment to Indigenous people. It will do this by having an increased focus on providing work readiness services and community development projects.

Some CDEP providers may be experienced in delivering training and community development in remote Indigenous communities, but some providers will be new to delivery of these services and will need greater support.

To support the successful delivery of the reformed elements of the CDEP program, FaHCSIA will seek advice from providers via the CDEP Consultative Group.

Role of the CDEP Consultative Group

The CDEP Consultative Group will provide advice and guidance to FaHCSIA on how to support CDEP providers to deliver effective CDEP services that improve the economic and social well-being of communities and the economic independence of Indigenous people.

The CDEP Consultative Group will consider and provide advice on emerging issues of both operational and strategic importance. The CDEP Consultative Group is not a decision making group.

The terms of reference for the CDEP Consultative Group are to:

  • consider and provide advice on overcoming barriers and/or risks to successful CDEP service delivery, including building the capabilities of CDEP provider organisations as appropriate
  • identify and provide advice on better practice in developing and delivering community development projects in remote Indigenous communities
  • identify and provide advice on best practice in delivering effective training and development services in remote locations
  • identify areas where additional support and/or collaboration from Government agencies could assist in achieving CDEP program outcomes
  • identify opportunities to increase economic independence of remote Indigenous communities including encouraging private sector funding in remote communities and
  • provide a conduit for promoting communication across the CDEP service delivery network.

Membership and Tenure

The CDEP Consultative Group will comprise twelve CDEP provider members with the Group Manager of the Indigenous Programs and Economic Development Group as Chair.

CDEP providers will be appointed via a transparent Expression of Interest (EOI) process conducted by FaHCSIA.

Members of the CDEP Consultative Group will be appointed for an initial period of 12 months.

Meeting Arrangements

The CDEP Consultative Group will meet quarterly with meetings scheduled for two days. Locations will be agreed upon by the Group in discussion with FaHCSIA.

A communiqué outlining issues raised and recommendations will be circulated to all CDEP providers and FaHCSIA Network staff following each meeting.

Secretariat services for the CDEP Consultative Group will be managed by the CDEP Policy and Program Management Branch in FaHCSIA.


Content Updated: 8 November 2012