Work for the Dole

Most job seekers living in remote areas of the Northern Territory now have to look for work or participate in work-related activities in order to receive income-support payments. (Carers of children under school age and people on age or disability pensions do not have to meet these conditions.)

Activities include participation in Work for the Dole, a work-experience program involving community-based projects across Australia.

New Work for the Dole activities have been developed to support the NTER. The initial focus was to support community clean up and repair. Activities currently being developed focus on providing quality work experience and enhancing local communities. In a small number of cases, recent activities have included accredited training, e.g. Horticulture Certificate II and literacy components. A number of activities have been designed to deliver skills in construction that may assist job seekers find work with the Shire Councils.

Until the end of June 2009 up to 30 Community Employment Brokers worked in NTER communities, associated outstations and town camps to help people get jobs, connect them to employment and education service providers and understand their participation requirements.

On 1 July 2009 the Australian Government launched national reforms aimed at delivering more training and jobs to Indigenous Australians through the reformed Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) Program, Community Support Service, Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) and the new national Job Services Australia. Further information is provided in this media release.

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