The role of the Army

The Australian Defence Force - the Army’s NORFORCE unit - assisted with implementation of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER), mainly in the first six months.

NTER was announced by the former Australian Government on 21 June 2007, and implementation began in July when the first survey teams and child health check teams were sent into communities with logistical support from NORFORCE.

NORFORCE provided vehicles and long-range communications, as well as assisting with community liaison.

The soldiers were unarmed and not involved in policing or security tasks.

The Australian Defence Force also used its expertise to help identify a range of urgent infrastructure works required in communities.

NORFORCE is a unique unit in the Australian Army, mainly involved in surveillance operations in Northern Australia.

NORFORCE has a high proportion of Indigenous soldiers whose talents and cultural knowledge are highly valued.

NORFORCE continues to build recognition, trust and goodwill in Aboriginal communities, and relies on local community knowledge to do its job.

More information can be found at NORFORCE.

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