Night patrol services

As part of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER), night patrol services are being extended to all 73 NTER communities.

Night patrol services have been funded in various Northern Territory Indigenous communities and town camps over many years. Night patrols assist people at risk of either causing or becoming the victims of harm in order to break the cycle of violence and crime in communities. They have contributed to improving community safety, protecting children and reducing individuals' contact with the criminal justice system.

The NTER is providing more comprehensive coverage of these services.

The activities undertaken by a night patrol service may include:

  • relocating a person to a 'safe' environment (e.g. a relative's home, recognised safe house, women's refuge, hospital or other medical facility)
  • diffusing violent situations
  • diverting intoxicated people away from contact with the criminal justice system
  • providing advice, information or referral (e.g. to a counselling service).

The additional services are being delivered under a regional service delivery model. Service providers are contracted to provide night patrols in the NTER-identified communities. Service providers are responsible for the day-to-day operation and administration of the night patrol services, including staff recruitment and training.

Each service provider is responsible for the recruitment of a night patrol regional manager who manages the night patrol teams. Each night patrol team is expected to comprise four positions: a night patrol team leader and three night patrollers.

The Attorney-General's Department provides assistance to service providers to ensure that appropriate processes and systems are in place to effectively deliver night patrols across the serviced region.

For further information, go to the Attorney-General's Department website.

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