Both the 2008 and 2009 Budgets have continued funding for the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER), initiated by the former Government in June 2007.

The former Australian Government's Appropriation (Northern Territory National Emergency Response) Acts numbers 1 and 2 provided some $587 million in supplementary funding to Australian Government agencies in 2007-08 for seven key action areas:

  • Employment and Welfare Reform - $205.8 million
  • Promoting Law and Order - $64.7 million
  • Enhancing Education - $24.4 million
  • Supporting Families - $32.8 million
  • Improving Child and Family Health - $83.1 million
  • Housing and Land Reform - $85.1 million
  • Coordination - $91.3 million.

After the change of government in November 2007, $313 million over five years was provided in February 2008:

  • $92.6 million for employment and welfare reform
  • $99.7 million to improve child and family health and expand health service delivery
  • $98.8 million to increase enrolment and participation in school
  • $22.4 million to provide law and order.

A further $323 million was provided in the May 2008 Budget, mostly for the one-year continuation of NTER measures:

  • $56 million for community safety and police-support measures
  • $26 million for education measures
  • $75 million for employment measures
  • $75 million for continued implementation of income management
  • $17 million for follow-up health services
  • $74 million for leadership and coordination measures.

In the May 2009 Budget, $807.4 million was provided to continue the NTER and move to a sustainable development phase to ensure the NTER measures will be effective in the long-term. The Budget funds will also support stronger engagement and partnership with Indigenous communities. Further details are provided on this site.

The Government has also made major commitments outside the NTER context including $547 million for major housing initiatives in the Northern Territory and $30 million for the construction of new boarding facilities.

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