Creating jobs for Indigenous people

The former Australian Government introduced changes to move Indigenous people off Community Development Employment Projects (CDEP) into paid employment as part of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER).

In December 2007, the current Australian Government reaffirmed its commitment to create jobs for remote Indigenous people through continued implementation of the Northern Territory Jobs Package.

Funding of $90 million over three years will see more than 1500 jobs created in Australian Government service delivery. Other CDEP participants are being assisted into jobs outside the government service sector, supported by a range of business and employment programs.

The Australian Government has agreed to a matched funding agreement with the Northern Territory Government of up to a total of $25 million over three years to create 'off-CDEP' jobs that support the delivery of Territory and local government services.

By February 2009, 2,069 jobs have been funded by the Australian and Northern Territory Governments, giving Indigenous people opportunities to move away from reliance on welfare or CDEP. These new service-delivery jobs are in a range of areas including health care, community care, child care, education, municipal services, night patrols, language, culture, broadcasting and the arts, sport and recreation, and land management.

Former CDEP participants moving into these jobs are benefiting from mainstream employment conditions such as wages and superannuation. They are also being provided with career pathways and increased economic independence.

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