Community clean ups

As part of the Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER), the Community Clean Up Program was a one-off housing initiative that targeted 70 remote communities (excluding outstations and town camps) with the aim of achieving immediate improvements in the overall health and safety of remote Indigenous communities.

The program was designed as an intensive short-term on-the-ground activity with tradespeople spending between 1 to 10 days in communities to carry out make safe works on houses and community buildings, and another 2–5 weeks to undertake minor vital repairs to improve the utility of houses and buildings. The program did not include work on privately owned houses and assets or buildings and assets of the Northern Territory Government or other Australian Government departments.

All make safe and minor vital repairs have now been completed.

Data that were collected as part of the program are being used to inform future housing programs, such as the Strategic Indigenous Housing Infrastructure Program (SIHIP) and the Northern Territory Government's ongoing Repairs and Maintenance Program.

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