Alice Springs Transformation Plan - Apmere Mwerre Visitor Park

What is the Apmere Mwerre Visitor Park?

Apmere Mwerre (Upmura-Moora) meaning “good place” is the Arrernte name for the new visitor park at Len Kittle Drive, Alice Springs, near the show grounds.

The establishment of a new secure accommodation facility is an important step in addressing homelessness, overcrowding in town camps and the lack of visitor accommodation, by providing much needed short-term visitor accommodation in Alice Springs.

With a total capacity of 150 visitors, Apmere Mwerre will help reduce overcrowding in town camps and provide a safe place for people from bush to stay when visiting the town for shopping, sports carnivals, medical appointments or just visiting family and friends.

The facility can provide accommodation for stays of up to 14 nights, and in some circumstances this can be extended.  It is staffed 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Where is it located?

The visitor park is located at 15 Len Kittle Drive, Alice Springs.

What are my accommodation options?

Accommodation is suitable for family groups, couples and single people.  Various accommodation options include camping (with own swag), tent, cabin and self contained cabins. 

Is there accommodation for people with a disability?

The visitor park has a limited number of self contained cabins suitable for people with a disability.  The cabins are wheelchair friendly, have basic cooking facilities, a fridge and a second bed for a carer.

How much will it cost to stay?

The cost will vary depending on the accommodation you choose.  Sheets, towels and blankets are supplied in the cabins and self contained units.  You will need your own swag if camping and tents come with camp beds and you need to bring your own linen. 

Accommodation type Per adult per night Per child per night
Camping $5.00 $0.00
Tent $7.00 $2.00
Cabin $14.00 $3.00
Self Contained cabin $20.00 $4.00

Are meals available?

Meals can be purchased on site from the dining room or visitors can cook their own food on the barbecues provided.

Meals $5.00 per meal
Meals $32.00 per week
Meal costs apply to adults and children over 5 years.

What does the facility offer?

In addition to providing accommodation, the facility will also offer a number of outreach support services. 

A Centrelink hub will operate from the visitor park, providing access to a computer and internet to assist people looking for work, a phone and fax service for people to submit their forms to Centrelink, and access to Centrelink staff.  The installation of an automatic teller machine and a money management service are also being planned. 

The facility offers a covered outside playground area for children and a family room where parents with children can watch television and play games.  A toy library and playgroup sessions are also being considered. 

What security will be in place for visitors and staff?

As part of the park management plan, security for visitors is a strong focus.

The facility has a secure fence, controlled access through a managed entrance and a ‘no grog, no drugs and no violence’ policy.  CCTV has been installed and there will be regular security patrols of the surrounding area.

Is transport available?

Enhancements to the public bus routes in Alice Springs by the Northern Territory Government saw the introduction of a new bus route along Len Kittle Drive, with a bus stop next to the visitor park. This service connects with the bus interchange in the CBD, as well as the hospital and Yirara College.

A new expanded public bus route will service Apmere Mwerre Visitor Park, a copy of the timetable and map is available at the visitor park.

How do I make a booking or get further information?

If you would like to make a booking or want more information on the visitor park, please call Aboriginal Hostels Limited during business hours on (08) 8952 6544 or on (08) 8952 1754 at any time or email


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