National Quality Framework Submission: Shawn Wondunna-Foley


Hi NQF Team


Some Indigenous housing organisations are experience on going financial difficulties after signing on to ASTIC/federally supported and endorse regional housing organisations - that have now collapsed and gone into receivership. The organisations now have large ongoing debt with the local regional councils. The Federal government has appeared to have washed it hands of the issue - specially in transferring money's directly to the Queensland State government under the new housing agreement to support the 'One Social Housing System' at the cost of small struggling Indigenous owned and managed organisations. The state says sign on board, but there is no guarantee - when all these organisations want - is to be supported to manage their own housing stock for the benefit of their clients in collaboration with the rest of the community in which they live. It all seems very short sighted and low on quality and support and self-empowerment! Another government system - another service master!

The situation is unfair and unjust that the federal government has left these organisations to fend for themselves while the state is in the process of a vicious resource grab for control of all housing assets and equity in the name of social support for those in the community that are most at risk!


The NQF needs to take into consideration the needs of Indigenous community/ies, organisations and people to effectively support the following:

  • Organisation Governance and (Specialist Indigenous Advisors to Indigenous Organisations/Communities), including ongoing training;
  • Administrative Management and Quality Service Delivery; and
  • Property Development and Building, New Acquisitions and Ongoing Infrastructure Maintenance within a sustainability framework.

If homelessness is everyone's business - then it's the business of the federal government to come to term with these issues and provide a framework which supports and empowers Indigenous people and organisations to operate on the same playing field - close the gap on housing support!

What we don't want to see is a - Front door framework with back door support for Indigenous people, housing organisations and communities.


Shawn Wondunna-Foley

Content Updated: 28 May 2012