Stronger Relationships Trial

The Australian Government believes happy and strong relationships are essential for individual, family and community wellbeing.

Applications are now open for service providers to apply online.

Strengthening relationships and helping couples avoid relationship breakdown, separation and divorce contributes to the social and economic wellbeing of our nation.

Couples in healthy, mutually satisfying relationships and their children are likely to live longer, report fewer health problems, and use health and wellbeing services substantially less than people in distressed relationships.

Research has shown that relationship education and counselling can help couples improve their communication and conflict resolution skills, strengthening relationships and reducing family breakdown.

Relationship education and counselling can help couples cope with changes and challenges, such as moving in together, having a baby, getting married, or managing their money. Importantly, it equips couples with the skills to deal with challenges before they become big issues.

About the trial

Supporting Australian couples to have happy, healthy and strong relationships makes social and economic sense.

That's why the Government is delivering the Stronger Relationships trial from 1 July 2014.

The one-year trial is open to all couples, over the age of 18 years, in a committed relationship.

During the trial, up to 100,000 committed couples are able to access a $200 subsidy for relationship education and counselling which can include topics relevant to the couple such as parenting, conflict resolution and financial management.

Register for the trial by clicking on the 'Couples registration' button on this page.

Once they have registered, couples can choose which service provider listed on the Stronger Relationships Panel they would like to see.

Service providers listed on the Stronger Relationships Panel are not endorsed by the Australian Government.


Couples can register for their subsidy from 1 July 2014 by clicking on the 'Couples registration' button on this page.

Technical Requirements

The Stronger Relationship trial couples' registration portal is supported by the following browsers:

  • Apple Safari S7 and later versions
  • Google Chrome 31 and later versions
  • Mozilla Firefox 25 and later versions
  • Internet Explorer 9 and later versions.

All other browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, may not work correctly when using the couples' portal.

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