Scoping Study of Current Service System – for people affected by forced adoptions

The Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) has undertaken a scoping study to map the current support available for people affected by forced adoptions, determine how the system currently meets their needs and identify gaps in the service system. The scoping study has developed service model options that strengthen and enhance the existing services to provide better support to those affected by forced adoptions.

Comments are now invited on the attached Summary of Findings of the AIFS research. The department seeks feedback on the following:

  • Of the 6 options that AIFS has suggested, which are the most important and why?
  • AIFS have suggested that local networks are key to improving support. What will help make local networks effective?
  • The report identifies that it can be confusing for people to know where to start to get information and records. What would help make this easier?
  • Any general feedback on the options presented by AIFS

Responses should be limited to no more than one page per question, and should be submitted to no later than cob Monday 17 March 2014.

Further information about the scoping study is available on the AIFS’ website

Impacts of past adoption practices

AIFS has undertaken research to improve the understanding of the impacts of past forced adoption practices:

Content Updated: 6 March 2014