Part C: Youth in Communities

Youth in Communities funding is provided directly to individual services to deliver early intervention, prevention and diversionary initiatives in the Northern Territory for young Indigenous people who are at risk of: substance misuse, suicide or intentional self-harm, entering or re-entering the criminal justice system and disengaging with education, training or employment. Services are directed towards improving life choices and outcomes for young people through engaging youth in positive activities that improve resilience and promote pathways to better health and wellbeing, education and employment.

Services promote strong peer and family relationships, improved personal capacity, self-esteem and resilience, improved social connections, reduced isolation, improved support and educational outcomes.  They also assist young people who experience barriers to accessing other community resources.

Organisations are funded to meet community needs, building on community strengths, organisations’ networks and resources, and making use of strong evidence of what works in early intervention and prevention. Youth in Communities activities allow for tailored approaches at a local level so communities can develop flexible and innovative approaches that best reflect their circumstances.

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