Schoolkids Bonus

Important update about the Schoolkids Bonus

Parliament is yet to pass legislation to end the Schoolkids Bonus, so it will be paid to eligible families and students in July 2014.

Most eligible families and students will be paid the Schoolkids Bonus between 2 and 16 July 2014.

Any updates and news will be published here on the DSS website and the Australian Families Facebook page.

The Schoolkids Bonus aims to help eligible families and students with the education related costs of primary and secondary school studies, such as school fees, uniforms, books and sports, music or other lessons.

It replaced the Education Tax Refund, which means families and students no longer need to keep receipts for education expenses and claim them back at tax time.

Each year, eligible families and students will receive up to:

  • $410 for each child in primary school (two instalments of $205)
  • $820 for each child in secondary school (two instalments of $410)

Half is paid in January and half in July.


The Schoolkids Bonus is available to families and carers who have a child in primary or secondary studies and receive one of the following payments for their child:

The Schoolkids Bonus is also available to students, under 20 years of age*,  who receive one of the following payments for themselves:

*students aged 19, must have turned 19 in the relevant calendar year. In order to receive the final instalment of Schoolkids Bonus for a 1 January eligibility day a student may be aged 20, but must have turned 20 on that eligibility day.

Eligibility is determined on 1 January (for the January payment) and 30 June (for the July payment) each year. This means families and students must be receiving one the payments above on these dates to receive the Schoolkids Bonus.

More information

For more information about the Schoolkids Bonus visit the Human Services website.

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