Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Altona Cricket Club Altona Cricket Club ALTONA 3018 $3,900.00 The Altona Cricket Club promotes a socially inclusive, physically active community by providing players of many ages and abilities, including those living with disability, with an outlet for recreation and competition. Volunteers work hard to support the Club by coaching players, officiating during matches, preparing food and providing first aid. The Club welcomes people of all cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and provides a safe, healthy environment for personal growth and community interaction.
Altona North Cricket Club Incorporated Altona North Altona North Cricket Club Incorporated Altona North ALTONA NORTH 3025 $4,700.00 The Altona North Cricket Club welcomes all local residents who have an interest in cricket. Volunteers undertake various duties to support the Club's agenda, including coaching teams, coordinating clinics with local schools to promote children's participation in sport, and holding family and community days to engage the wider region. The Club forms an important part of the town's social fabric by strengthening community ties and advocating the benefits of an active lifestyle.
Altona North Soccer Club Altona North Soccer Club BROOKLYN 3012 $2,150.00 Altona North Soccer Club provides a welcoming atmosphere in which local residents of all backgrounds can play, watch and enjoy soccer. Volunteers donate their time to maintain the equipment and grounds, as well as holding a variety of social functions and events which bring players and spectators together through their shared love of soccer. This family-oriented Club offers a safe environment for personal growth and community interaction.
Altona Sports Centre Altona Sports Centre ALTONA MEADOWS 3028 $3,250.00 The Altona Sports Centre encourages social inclusion in the wider community, bringing together residents of all ages and backgrounds, including Indigenous community members, people with disability and marginalised residents, through a shared passion for sport. Volunteers are active in their work, performing administrative duties, coordinating training sessions for players and promoting sport to the wider Altona Meadows community. The Centre provides local residents with opportunities for fun, fitness and self-development through participation in regular social and competitive sports.
Altona U3A Incorporated Altona U3A Incorporated ALTONA 3018 $1,100.00 Altona University of the Third Age encourages healthy ageing by providing intellectually stimulating activities for mature aged students, including people of culturally diverse backgrounds and those with disability. Volunteers assist students to further their knowledge through a range of educational and recreational programs and classes. The University's focus on adult education develops community resources, fosters a more constructive society, and assists individuals to nurture a lifelong passion for learning.
Alvie Consolidated School Alvie Consolidated School's Parents and Friends ALVIE 3249 $2,480.00 Alvie Consolidated School's Parents and Friends is a focal point for the school community and works to foster the welfare of students and their families. Volunteers conduct several fundraising events, such as Mothers' and Fathers' Day stalls and end of term barbeques, to subsidise educational activities and improve school facilities and resources. The Parents and Friends is a welcoming place where parents and citizens work together to create a thriving and supportive school environment in which young people can reach their potential.
Ambrose State School Ambrose State School Parents and Citizens Association AMBROSE 4695 $4,480.00 The Ambrose State School Parents and Citizens Association consists of a group of dedicated volunteers who facilitate the improvement of the school environment. Volunteers plan and conduct a diversity of fundraising events, including the monster auction, pie drives and raffles, to improve participation among local residents and encourage social interaction in the small, rural community. The Association provides families with the opportunity to become active participants in school life, fostering social inclusion and a sense of belonging.
AmbuPet Animal Ambulance Association Incorporation AmbuPet Animal Ambulance Association Incorporation BRAYBROOK 3019 $4,999.00 AmbuPet Animal Ambulance Association operates a 24 hour emergency service for pets and wildlife throughout Victoria. The Association's volunteers work tirelessly to provide emergency medical treatment for domestic and native animals, bringing peace of mind to owners during times of stress and natural disaster. The Association shapes a more inclusive society by uniting local residents through a common commitment to animal wellbeing.
Amputees and Families Support Group Queensland Incorporated Amputees and Families Support Group-Toowoomba MOUNT LOFTY 4350 $1,560.00 The Amputees and Families Support Group Toowoomba offers practical and emotional assistance to community members who are affected by grief and loss due to limb amputation. Volunteers provide valued support at amputee clinics and hospitals, develop partnerships with other community groups and assist amputees from pre-amputation through to rehabilitation. The Group is an inclusive community resource, fostering a sense of belonging among service recipients and improving quality of life for individuals and families.
Amputees and Families Support Group Queensland Incorporated Amputees and Families Support Group Queensland Incorporated SPRINGWOOD 4127 $3,785.00 Amputees and Families Support Group Queensland provides valuable support to amputees and their families. Trained volunteers work alongside health professionals, service agencies and schools to advocate for amputees, while also connecting clients with local support services. The Group is an important community resource as it provides members with the care and assistance needed during difficult times.