Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Women on Farms Gathering Cohuna Incorporated Cohuna Neighbourhood House COHUNA 3568 $2,299.00 Cohuna Neighbourhood House is a community-based organisation providing a range of services and programs to help support the local region. Volunteers maintain the House and surrounding areas, operate support groups and regular recreational courses and produce a fortnightly newsletter to showcase the House to the wider Cohuna community. The House promotes social inclusion by fostering community involvement and individual growth in an informal, familiar and supportive environment.
Women United for Development Incorporated Stand Up African Women ALEXANDER HEIGHTS 6064 $5,000.00 Stand Up African Women provides a place for women and children to gather for social interaction and personal development. The volunteers of the organisation coordinate a range of activities, including sporting events, town gatherings and social visits, that foster a sense of empowerment and social responsibility in participants. By creating an inclusive venue where women and children can connect with peers and adults, the group supports a cohesive and engaged community.
Women United for Development Incorporated Women United for Development Incorporated BALGA 6061 $5,000.00 Women United for Development supports the community through service, advocacy and a desire to improve the lives of local individuals and families. Volunteers engage residents in a wide range of projects, such as fundraising drives, community events and initiatives to improve town infrastructure. Through the consistent efforts of its volunteer cohort, the Group continues to make a positive contribution to wellbeing of the community.
Women's International Solidarity Australia (WISA) Women's International Solidarity Australia (WISA) GLEN IRIS 3146 $2,248.00 Women's International Solidarity Australia empowers local refugee women as they get established and connect with community life. Volunteers undertake numerous education and awareness programs to educate the wider community about the challenges faced by refugee women in Australia, as well as working closely with refugees to ensure their wellbeing. The volunteers share common objectives of bridging cultural divisions and helping those in need establish productive and happy lives in the community.
Wondai Kindergarten Association Incorporated Wondai Kindergarten Association Incorporated WONDAI 4606 $4,989.00 Wondai Kindergarten Association offers a safe and educational environment that nurtures each child's self-esteem, wellbeing and development. Volunteers play a pivotal role at the Kindergarten, where they undertake administrative duties, maintain facilities and help families to access welfare services and community health initiatives. The Association shapes a more interconnected community by offering a safe, instructive space where children can learn while their parents cultivate friendships and lasting support networks.
Wondai Proston Junior Rugby League Football Club Incorporation Wondai Proston Junior Rugby League Football Club Incorporation WONDAI 4606 $4,798.00 Wondai Proston Junior Rugby League Football Club is an important part of community life in the regional Queensland town of Wondai. Volunteers manage the Club's equipment and assist with recruitment programs targeted at local schools. The Club, through its focus on young people and its role as a meeting place, serves to strengthen community ties and promote an inclusive society.
Wondai Woodworkers Incorporated Wondai Woodworkers Incorporated WONDAI 4606 $4,782.50 Wondai Woodworkers promotes the practice and appreciation of various woodworking techniques. The organisation's volunteers are passionate and motivated, offering training to new members, demonstrating their skills for visitors and participating in fundraising and other projects in the wider community. Wondai Woodworkers offers a welcoming environment for interested individuals to socialise, learn new skills and build friendships through shared experience.
Wonga Beach State School Wonga Beach State School Parents and Citizens Association WONGA 4873 $5,000.00 The Wonga Beach State School Parents and Citizens Association is dedicated to fostering the welfare of students, their parents and the wider school community. Volunteers undertake a wide range of fundraising initiatives, including tuckshop days and sausage sizzles, and organise regular social activities to bring families, students and the wider community together. The Association is a friendly and welcoming place for parents and citizens to work together towards the future of the town and the education of local children.
Wongan Ballidu Hockey Club Incorporated Wongan Ballidu Hockey Club Incorporated WONGAN HILLS 6603 $1,331.85 The Wongan Ballidu Hockey Club is a community-based sporting organisation that aims to promote the benefits of recreational and competitive sport and foster active and healthy lifestyles among local residents. Volunteers work closely with members to advance their personal development, as well as organising enjoyable recreational activities to encourage community participation. The Club provides social stimulation and exercise-related recreation for volunteers and members alike, thereby fostering a happier, healthier community.
Wongan Community Care Incorporated Wongan Community Care Incorporated WONGAN HILLS 6603 $4,361.97 Wongan Community Care offers assistance in many forms to help support people living with disability, their families and carers. Volunteers facilitate access to relevant information and support services to build self-confidence and reduce social isolation. The organisation offers support to those who require assistance, connecting community members to resources and fostering a sense of inclusion throughout the region.