Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Allora Returned and Services League Sub-Branch Allora Returned and Services League Sub-Branch ALLORA 4362 $5,000.00 Allora Returned and Services League Sub-Branch is a community-minded club that organises commemorative events and provides welfare services to those in need. Volunteers provide members with regular social contact through a program of visits to local residents at their homes or healthcare facilities, organising social functions and the annual Anzac Day March and Service. The Sub-Branch works to raise awareness of the invaluable contribution made by servicemen and women to preserve a safe and secure Australia.
Allora Tennis Club Incorporated Allora Country Women's Association ALLORA 4362 $5,000.00 The Allora Branch of the Country Women's Association is dedicated to improving the living conditions of elderly and disadvantaged women in the local community. Volunteers are active in the region, organising functions, facilitating information to government funded support programs and assisting other community groups at local events. The Branch gives a helping hand to local individuals and families and promotes social inclusion and community welfare.
Allora Tennis Club Incorporated Allora Playgroup ALLORA 4362 $5,000.00 Allora Playgroup aims to foster the welfare of children and families in the local community. Volunteers maintain the facilities and encourage community participation in Group events, which support the social, physical and intellectual development of children. The Group facilitates community cohesion by encouraging parents and volunteers to cultivate friendships and long-lasting support networks.
Alpha Show Society Inncorporated Alpha Show Society Inncorporated ALPHA 4724 $5,000.00 Alpha Show Society is a volunteer-run organisation focused on promoting and displaying local agricultural and artistic endeavours. Volunteers facilitate an annual event that showcases the efforts of local residents across a wide spectrum of rural activities. The Show is a focal point of the region, encouraging participation from all sectors of the farming community to ensure a successful and engaging local event.
Alphington Community Centre (ASHE) Incorporated 1st Alphington Scout Group ALPHINGTON 3078 $2,350.00 1st Alphington Scout Group is a community-oriented organisation dedicated to assisting the development of young people into contributing members of society. The volunteers of the 1st Alphington Scout Group provide a safe and supportive environment in which young people can get involved in their community and learn important life skills through participation in healthy, organised activities. The Group encourages members to lead active lifestyles and ensures regular social interaction, resulting in an empowered and cohesive community.
Alphington Community Centre (ASHE) Incorporated Alphington Toy Library ALPHINGTON 3078 $2,980.00 Alphington Toy Library provides educational toys, puzzles and games with the unique philosophy of providing toys that are made locally from natural, re-usable or recycled materials. Volunteers operate the service, run the committee, record loans and returns of toys, fund raise, and purchase new toys. The Library promotes the value of raising happy, healthy families and encourages social inclusion and interaction among residents as well as develops connections and support networks in a safe, friendly, social environment.
Alstonville Community Preschool Incorporated Alstonville Community Preschool Incorporated ALSTONVILLE 2477 $3,326.00 Alstonville Community Preschool is supported by a dedicated group of parents and other members of the community working to preserve the local community-based preschool. Volunteers donate considerable time and resources to fundraising, writing submissions, and raising community awareness. The group is committed to making a quality early-childhood education available to all children, and building strong local networks for future citizens from a very early age.
Altona Lacrosse Club Incorporated Altona Lacrosse Club Incorporated ALTONA NORTH 3025 $2,000.00 Altona Lacrosse Club is a volunteer-run sporting club which provides local residents, including new migrant families and marginalised members of the community with opportunities to participate in social and competitive Lacrosse. Volunteers ensure a safe and supportive environment for participants and coordinate competitions that cater for players of all ages and abilities. The Club is a major focal point for the region, providing residents of all backgrounds with an enjoyable, recreational outdoor activity, and promoting a more inclusive and interactive community.
Altona Yacht Club Incorporated Altona Yacht Club Incorporated ALTONA 3018 $5,000.00 Altona Yacht Club is a community-orientated organisation that promotes sailing to community members of all ages and abilities. Volunteers ensure a safe and welcoming environment where individuals and families come together and acquire lifelong skills through participation in the sport of sailing. The Club provides opportunities for regular social interaction and offers a support network for volunteers and members.
Ambarvale Little Athletics Club Ambarvale Little Athletics Club ROSEMEADOW 2560 $2,000.00 Ambarvale Little Athletics Club caters for junior athletes in the local area, offering a modified athletics program in a wide range of track and field events. Volunteers run Friday night competitions, perform roles as time keepers, starters and officials as well as attend committee meetings and maintain grounds and facilities. The Club provides an avenue for social interaction for families, while promoting the welfare and participation of children in physical activity, resulting in a healthier and inclusive community.