Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Afghan Australian Philanthropic Association Afghan Australian Philanthropic Association ENDEAVOUR HILLS 3802 $5,000.00 Afghan Australian Philanthropic Association’s aim is to assist newly migrated individuals, families and children in the community, in particular the disadvantaged and most vulnerable. Volunteers play a vital role in supporting these communities through community welfare and social activities, which include music classes, festivals and information sessions. Through the provision of these services, the Association encourages an integrated community and acts as a valuable catalyst for social inclusion.
AFL Gold Coast Umpire Association Incorporated AFL Gold Coast Umpire Association Incorporated ASHMORE 4217 $1,803.00 Australian Football League Gold Coast Umpire Association enables local residents to participate in competitive Australian Rules Football in a friendly, inclusive setting. The Association operates with a base of dedicated volunteers who officiate at competitive events and instruct local clubs on the rules of the game. By teaching players about strategy, fair play and friendly competition, the Association strengthens ties within the Gold Coast region and enriches community spirit.
AFL Masters Tasmania Football Incorporated AFL Masters Tasmania Football Incorporated KINGSTON 7050 $3,600.00 AFL Masters Tasmania Football provides local residents with opportunities for fitness and recreation through participation in social and competitive football. Volunteers coordinate interstate carnivals, select district representative teams and provide assistance in officiating and coaching. The organisation fosters an inclusive and supportive environment, building the self-esteem and emotional wellbeing of participants and encourages social interaction and healthy physical activity.
African Australian Christian Community African Australian Christian Community FAIRFIELD 2165 $4,900.00 African Australian Christian Community is a community organisation that aims to alleviate disadvantage among African and other members of the community. Volunteers support the needs of the community, particularly young people, in several ways, such as organising recreational activities, dance and sport, and producing a regular newsletter. The group promotes healthy community engagement, supporting strong social support networks and enabling individuals and families to reach their potential.
African Australian Islamic Association Incorporated African Australian Islamic Association Incorporated OXLEY PARK 2760 $5,000.00 The African Australian Islamic Association provides African migrants living in New South Wales with a range of social support services. Volunteers undertake a variety of duties, including providing counselling services, encouraging educational attainment, and providing instruction in ethics. The Association promotes a culture of charity and community participation, contributing to the personal development of its members and the strength of the wider community.
African Australian Welfare Council Incorporated African Australian Welfare Council Incorporated CAMBERFIED 3061 $4,980.00 African Australian Welfare Council is a volunteer-based organisation that provides advocacy and assistance to African communities across Victoria. Volunteers work with vulnerable members of the community and oversee a wide range of support programs, including creating pathways to employment, coordinate mental health and gender-based initiatives to help the social integration of migrants and refugees into the local community. The Council is a vital community resource to assist African families and their children.
African Christian Kush Aid Program of Australia Incorporated African Christian Kush Aid Program of Australia - SA Branch GREENWITH 5125 $3,100.00 The South Australian Branch of the African Christian Kush Aid Program of Australia increases awareness of the plight of refugees and the range of cultures of people coming to live in Australia. Volunteers work to educate community organisations, students and the general public about issues of culture and refugee experience in settling in Australia. By facilitating understanding, sharing culture and promoting better cross-cultural communication, the Branch contributes to a stronger, more tolerant multicultural society.
African Communities Council of SA African Communities Council of SA ADELAIDE 5000 $3,090.00 African Communities Council of South Australia is a valuable resource that aims to represent local African communities and encourage integration and inclusion in the region. Volunteers support a diverse range of projects, including the Adelaide Leopards Soccer Club, undertaking mentoring programs, developing sports skills and fostering participation among members of the African community. The Council promotes cultural diversity and social inclusion, promoting the active participation of its members and volunteers in all spheres of life.
African Diversity Council of Australia African Diversity Council of Australia REGENTS PARK 2143 $5,000.00 African Council of Australia promotes diversity and multiculturalism and facilitates the integration of African-Australians into the broader community. Volunteers work with local schools to undertake projects designed to educate, mentor and stimulate young people through participation in the sciences. The Council is an important agent for social inclusion in the community, bringing students of all backgrounds together through a mutual interest in science.
African Hope Diversity Incorporated African Hope Diversity Incorporated PARRAMATTA 2150 $3,900.00 African Hope Diversity is a volunteer-driven organisation dedicated to providing the local African community with an outlet in which they can explore their culture and heritage. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the organisation, coordinating a wide variety of projects, such as the Dads and Kids Fun Group, organising various cultural displays and undertaking many administrative roles. The organisation is an essential part of the local African community, providing an enjoyable and inclusive outlet for participants to reconnect with their culture.