Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Yorkeys Knob Activities Group Incorporated Yorkeys Knob Activities Group Incorporated YORKEYS KNOB 4878 $1,225.00 Yorkeys Knob Activities Group consists of a group of local residents dedicated to managing the local community centre for the benefit of the region. Volunteers perform a wide range of tasks, including maintaining the centre's facilities, contributing to community working bees and ensuring the availability of the centre for the use of local residents. The Group is a focal point for the community, providing an outlet for social interaction and building community participation.
Young African Connection Young African Connection NOBLE PARK 3174 $4,970.00 Young African Connection is a youth development organisation to foster leadership and mentoring programs in the local African community. The volunteers play an active role in sustaining the diversity of African traditions and cultural value bringing these together in harmony with the Australian way of life. The organisation is a valuable social resource for individuals and families of African descent, encouraging values of tolerance and multiculturalism by facilitating their engagement with the wider community.
Young and District Family History Group Incorporated Young and District Family History Group Incorporated YOUNG 2594 $3,584.00 Young and District Family History Group is a local community organisation established to foster interest in local and world history through research and the preservation of resources. Volunteers provide access to family history resources and promote the Group’s activities at community functions and events. The Group aims to increase family networks and strengthen community ties by giving citizens of all ages the opportunity to access information that will connect them to the past and to each other.
Young Historical Society Incorporated Young Historical Society Incorporated YOUNG 2594 $4,000.00 Young Historical Society is a community organisation that displays the history of the town and collects and preserves heritage items for generations to come. Volunteers run a folk museum which is open daily and attracts school groups, and local and international visitors. By preserving the town’s stories and history, the Society celebrates local identity and forges strong ties between communities of the past and present.
Young Pony Club Incorporated Young Pony Club Incorporated YOUNG 2594 $5,000.00 Young Pony Club is a community-oriented organisation that offers competitive and recreational equestrian activities to members of the local community. Volunteers offer instruction in the sport, organise competitive and recreational events and work tirelessly to maintain the Club’s facilities. The Club and its dedicated volunteers help to foster a more inclusive and integrated community by teaching participants values of social responsibility and commitment.
Young Rural Fire Brigade Young Rural Fire Brigade YOUNG 2594 $4,873.00 Young Rural Fire Brigade unites local volunteers to protect the lives and properties of their fellow community members. Volunteers provide the first response to emergencies, assist with local events including fêtes and ANZAC parades and organise community education and awareness seminars designed to promote fire safety and prevention. The Brigade encourages widespread participation and provides opportunities for meaningful contribution, fostering a safe and cohesive community.
Youth Uniting Church Bankstown Youth Uniting Church Bankstown BANKSTOWN 2200 $3,785.00 Youth Uniting Church Bankstown mentors and supports young people in a multicultural community. Volunteers open a youth centre once a week for workshops and training, and organise events such as camps, trips, visiting nursing homes, barbeques and car washes to enhance community participation. The Church is a support network of friendship and understanding based on the principle of mutual, voluntary assistance.
YP Leisure Options Service YP Leisure Options Service MINLATON 5575 $4,126.00 The YP Leisure Options Service provides social and recreational activities to elderly residents and those with disability and offers regular opportunities for social interaction. Volunteers undertake a wide range of initiatives, including transporting participants, catering for events and coordinating regular outings. The Service is an important facilitator of social inclusion, alleviating potential isolation and contributing to more inclusive and cohesive community.
Yuibera Aboriginal Corporation Yuibera Aboriginal Corporation RURAL VIEW 4740 $4,100.00 Yuibera Aboriginal Corporation conducts educational and cultural activities and programs for Indigenous and non-Indigenous members of their community. Volunteers run a variety of programs to increase cultural awareness, create a greater awareness of the Aboriginal history of the area and its environment. The Corporation actively encourages Indigenous and non-Indigenous activities in support of a shared understand of each culture.
Yungaburra Community Association Incorporated Yungaburra Visitor Information Centre YUNGABURRA 4884 $4,500.00 Yungaburra Visitor Information Centre is a community-based organisation that works tirelessly to attract and inform visitors to the Tableland region. Dedicated volunteers maintain the Centre facilities, provide informative materials to assist tourists and share their knowledge of local history and attractions. The Centre encourages a socially inclusive community where residents and tourists can interact and share their appreciation of the region.