Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Wynyard Yacht Club Incorporated Wynyard Yacht Club Incorporated EAST WYNYARD 7325 $1,000.00 Wynyard Yacht Club provides the local community with a variety of social and boating opportunities. Volunteers undertake a wide variety of tasks, including maintaining rescue and training boats, mentoring young people, and helping with the Club’s administration. The Club works hard to engage local residents of all backgrounds, promoting social inclusion and community participation.
Wynyard/Somerset Tennis Club Incorporated Wynyard/Somerset Tennis Club Incorporated SOMERSET 7322 $1,080.00 The Wynyard/Somerset Tennis Club offers community members of many ages and abilities the chance to develop physically and socially through recreational and competitive tennis. Volunteers work to provide coaching sessions at local schools, maintain Club facilities and cater for afternoon teas at the conclusion of weekend matches. The Club is a social hub for players and their families, supporting a cohesive and welcoming community
Wyong District Museum and Historical Society Wyong District Museum and Historical Society WYONG 2259 $5,000.00 Wyong District Museum and Historical Society operates the local museum and has been in existence for 30 years. Volunteers contribute in many ways to the ongoing maintenance of the museum, performing tasks such as maintaining the property and exhibits, and hosting a diverse range of local groups including the Wyong Pioneers Association, The Men’s Shed, Indigenous artists and other community organisations. The Society provides a valuable community service, enhancing the cultural life of the area and strengthening community ties.
Xinjiang Chinese Association of Australia Xinjiang Chinese Association of Australia KEYSBOROUGH 3173 $5,000.00 The Xinjiang Chinese Association of Australia is a volunteer driven organisation dedicated to advocating for the Chinese community. Volunteers form the backbone of the organisation, organising a variety of events to promote the Association, including Harmony Day, Australia Day and Chinese New Year celebrations. The Association is an essential aspect of the community, fostering a more inclusive and diverse community, whilst strengthening intercultural bonds.
Xtreme Incorporated Xtreme Incorporated CHEWTON 3451 $3,018.95 Xtreme is an organisation dedicated to building stronger rural and regional communities through engagement in youth projects and events. Volunteers donate their time to coordinate a wide variety of fundraising events, conduct youth targeted workshops and undertake administrative roles. The organisation is a focal point of its local community, providing invaluable life experience to the youth of the region, in an enjoyable and socially inclusive atmosphere.
Y Service Club of Bendigo Incorporated Y Service Club of Bendigo Incorporated STRATHDALE 3550 $1,859.00 The Y Service Club of Bendigo is an organisation that aims to improve the welfare of young people in the Bendigo region. Volunteers assist the work of the local YMCA, provide support for local community groups and organise fundraising events. The Club encourages community participation and promotes a culture of inclusion among young people, fostering a sense of self-worth and social responsibility.
Yalata Community Incorporated Yalata Community Incorporated YALATA 5690 $5,000.00 Yalata Community is a self-governed Aboriginal organisation that operates a number of programs to support the community. Volunteers provide transport to sporting events and other activities, deliver several programs targeting different age and gender groups, and develop landscaping and building projects in partnership with a local employment service. The organisation is a valuable resource, supporting active participation in the community and fostering a culture of empowerment and inclusion.
Yalca North Tennis Club Incorporated Yalca North Recreation Reserve YALCA NORTH 3638 $5,000.00 Yalca North Recreation Reserve represents one of the primary venues for community engagement in the local area. The volunteers provide a highly valued service by maintaining the Reserve for meetings, local sporting groups and various other community events in the Yalca North region. The Committee's volunteers actively demonstrate social responsibility and an ongoing commitment to the wellbeing of their community.
Yarloop Bowling and Recreation Club Incorporated Yarloop Bowling and Recreation Club Incorporated YARLOOP 6218 $2,260.20 Yarloop Bowling and Recreation Club is a community-based organisation that promotes the sport of bowls and encourages active and healthy lifestyles among community members. Volunteers coordinate competitions which cater for local residents of all ages and abilities, offer low-cost meals and provide a venue for community functions and events. The Club provides regular social contact for players and their families, which supports an interactive and welcoming community.
Yarra Jets Football Club Incorporated Yarra Jets Football Club Incorporated CLIFTON HILL 3068 $1,500.00 Yarra Jets Football Club is a community sporting organisation that welcomes all people with an interest in Australian Rules football. Volunteers administer the Club's business and work with the players to advance their physical and personal development. By teaching children about strategy, fair play and friendly competition, the Club strengthens ties within the region and enriches community spirit.