Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Woogaroo District Meals on Wheels Incorporated Woogaroo District Meals on Wheels Incorporated REDBANK 4301 $4,000.00 Woogaroo Meals on Wheels is a community organisation that provides nutritious meals to the frail, aged, people with disability and their carers. Volunteers support clients, help build community capacity and actively involve local citizens in their work. The organisation is a valuable lifeline for house-bound and socially isolated residents, enabling them to maintain their dignity and independence by continuing to live at home.
Woolgoolga Art Group Incorporated Woolgoolga Art Group Incorporated WOOLGOOLGA 2456 $1,400.00 Woolgoolga Art Group provides a place for people of all ages and ability to learn, form friendships and showcase their crafts to locals and visitors. Volunteers organise and run workshops and projects, including one of the largest Art and Craft Exhibitions between Newcastle and Brisbane as well as maintain the Gallery and grounds and facilitate cooperation between visiting artists, educators and local businesses. The Group inspires social interaction and enjoyment among the local community and provides a point of interest for tourists, creating broad social connections and supporting a successful local economy.
Woolgoolga District Meals on Wheels Woolgoolga District Meals on Wheels WOOLGOOLGA 2456 $4,980.00 Woolgoolga and District Meals on Wheels provides home cooked meals for the elderly and disabled. The meals are delivered by volunteers to allow people to stay in the comfort of their own homes, and volunteers also provide work experience for students. Meals on Wheels is an integral part of community welfare by tending to the needs of the community and increasing social inclusion.
Woolgoolga Junior Rugby League Football Club Woolgoolga Junior Rugby League Football Club WOOLGOOLGA 2456 $5,000.00 Woolgoolga Junior Rugby League Football Club allows children to take part in a healthy activity in a safe and secure environment. Volunteers facilitate this activity as coaches, trainers, first aid officers and general helpers. The Club promotes community integration and provides a strong support network for local youth to develop both physically and socially.
Woomelang Group School Woomelang Group School Parents and Friends Committee WOOMELANG 3485 $2,500.00 The Woomelang Group School Parents and Friends Committee offers families and community members the opportunity to become actively involved in the school’s activities. Volunteers work to coordinate and promote a range of fundraising, recreational and educational activities with the goal of fostering an engaging and dynamic environment in which students can develop. By promoting a culture of social inclusion and education, this community hub has a positive impact on today's children as they become tomorrow's adults.
Woonona Boardriders Incorporated Woonona Boardriders Incorporated WOLLONGONG 2500 $2,905.70 Woonona Boardriders provides local surfers with a friendly setting to meet, discuss their interests and participate in surfing based activities. Volunteers undertake a wide variety of tasks, such as coordinating surfing competitions, organising social outings and running activities targeting disadvantaged members of the community. The organisation encourages community participation and provides regular social contact for local surfers their families, supporting a cohesive and welcoming sporting atmosphere.
Woonona East Public School Woonona East Public School Parents and Citizens WOONONA 2517 $2,700.00 Woonona East Public School Parents and Citizens is a group of volunteers dedicated to the betterment of the School community. Volunteers organise community events to fundraise, encourage community participation and improve the welfare of students and their families. The organisations aim is to build supportive networks, enhance the educational opportunities of disadvantaged community members and improve social cohesion and encourage community spirit.
Woonona Football Club Incorporated Woonona Football Club Incorporated BULLI 2516 $2,597.00 Woonona Football Club gives community members of all ages and abilities the opportunity to develop teamwork, discipline and sporting skills in a fun, social environment. Volunteers assist the organisation in a variety of ways, such as organising junior and senior competitions, conducting fundraising initiatives and maintaining the Club's grounds. For more than a century, the Club has been nurturing local youth, supporting healthy lifestyles and bringing the local community together through sport.
Wooroolin Lions Club Incorporated Wooroolin Lions Club Incorporated WOOROOLIN 4608 $5,000.00 Wooroolin Lions Club works to strengthen the community by providing valuable assistance to disadvantaged and vulnerable people in times of need. Volunteers perform administrative duties and work alongside other local organisations to raise funds at community events and programs. The Club is a focal point in Wooroolin, encouraging participation and social inclusion and offering volunteers opportunities for meaningful contributions for the good of their community.
World Budo Kan Association Incorporated World Budo Kan Association Incorporated ADELAIDE 5125 $4,695.90 World Budo Kan Association preserves traditional martial arts and highlights their benefits to the community. Volunteers promote an inclusive environment, and provide self-protection and leadership strategies to youth, disadvantaged and socially isolated members of the community to help build self confidence. The aim is to build individuals’ resilience, confidence, discipline and communication skills in a safe and friendly environment.