Volunteer Grants - Successful Organisations

Legal Name Provider Name Location Provider / Activity Postcode Total Funding Organisation Description
Amberley Toy Library Incorporated Amberley Toy Library Incorporated FLINDERS VIEW 4305 $2,395.94 Amberley Toy Library is a welcoming place where parents and carers can congregate, network and access the large collection of educational toys, puzzles and games. Volunteers foster an instructive environment for Library visitors, organise informative and entertaining activities to encourage childhood learning, and provide a focal point for family interaction and values. By encouraging participation from community members of many backgrounds, the Library and its volunteers help to instil values of social inclusion and enhance family welfare in the Flinders View region.
American River Progress Association Incorporated American River Progress Association Incorporated AMERICAN RIVER 5221 $3,898.00 American River Progress Association aims to promote the township and improve facilities for the welfare of residents and visitors. Volunteers contribute to community life in a variety of ways, such as producing a newsletter, organising projects and social events, fundraising, and liaising with the local council. The Association is a positive force in the local area, giving community members the opportunity to unite to forge a dynamic future.
Amistad Radio Incorporated Amistad Radio Incorporated SEAFORD MEADOWS 5169 $3,500.00 Amistad Radio broadcasts a radio program every Sunday for the Latin American community in Adelaide. Volunteers from the Latin American host programs, maintain station facilities and provide the Spanish speaking community with access to local information. The Station is a focal point of the Spanish speaking community, equality and integration into Australian society.
Amputees Support Group Gold Coast Incorporated Amputees Support Group Gold Coast Incorporated LABRADOR 4215 $1,000.00 Amputees Support Group Gold Coast is a community-based organisation that offers assistance to individuals and families affected by amputation. Volunteers assist amputees by offering home and hospital visits, organising social events and facilitating access to outreach services and support networks. The Group helps to ensure that people affected by amputation, their families and carers have access to necessary resources to assist them during treatment and rehabilitation.
Angels of Mercy Welfare Services Incorporated Angels of Mercy Welfare Services Incorporated CLAREMONT MEADOWS 2747 $5,000.00 Angels of Mercy Welfare Services is a community-based organisation that provides assistance to newly arrived migrants and refugees from Africa. Volunteers are instrumental to the success of the organisation, in leading and coordinate initiatives to support the organisation such as camps, community development programs and educational and training sessions to encourage participation and social interaction among disadvantaged members of the African community. The organisation plays a pivotal role in sustaining an engaged and multicultural community and network of help and support at the local level.
Angkor Wat Khmer Buddhist Society of Western Australia Incorporated Angkor Wat Khmer Buddhist Society of Western Australia Incorporated MARANGAROO 6064 $4,930.00 Angkor Wat Khmer Buddhist Society of Western Australia brings Cambodian culture to the Khmer people of Western Australia. Volunteers work to engage and educate the community by participating in local events and organising regular community seminars. The Club provides volunteers with an effective avenue through which to promote Cambodian culture and contribute to a more integrated community.
Anglesea and District Community House Incorporated Anglesea and Airey's Inlet Foodlink ANGLESEA 3230 $2,500.00 Anglesea and Airey's Inlet Foodlink is a volunteer driven organisation dedicated to providing emergency assistance to disadvantaged members of the community. Volunteers are integral to the running of the organisation, coordinating the purchase, collection and delivery of meals to disadvantaged people in the local region. The organisation is an essential part of the community, providing vital assistance to those who need, while creating a stronger more socially inclusive region.
Anglesea and District Community House Incorporated Community Garden 3231 AIREYS INLET 3231 $1,399.00 Community Garden 3231 aims to teach gardening skills and promote locally grown produce to the communities of Aireys Inlet, Fairhaven, Moggs Creek and Eastern View. Volunteers serve the community in many ways, including maintaining the garden and surrounds, providing subsidised training in gardening techniques, and organising various social events throughout the year. The Garden is a focal point for community interaction in the area, offering a welcoming, pleasant environment for individuals and families to socialise, learn new skills and build friendships through shared experience.
Anglesea Lioness Club Anglesea Lioness Club ANGLESEA 3230 $2,730.00 Anglesea Lioness Club is run by a group of committed and like-minded women, who donate their time to improve the local community. Volunteers organise various events throughout the region to assist the community, such as running stalls at the local markets, sausage sizzles and conducting Australia Day Celebrations. The Club is a valuable community resource and encourages individuals, families and groups to call upon its services in times of need.
Anglican Church Diocese First Avenue Fashions SAWTELL 2452 $3,360.00 First Avenue Fashions is dedicated to the wellbeing of individuals and families in the local area and the wider community. Volunteers coordinate valuable services to support local residents, providing furniture, clothing and household goods to the economically marginalised. By building relationships of trust and respect during times of hardship, volunteers help to ensure a brighter future for disadvantaged community members in the region.